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AFRO-NETS> Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre
  • From: John Kimario <sysop@tan3.healthnet.org>
  • Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 13:07:10 -0400

Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre

On behalf of the Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre (IHRDC)
staff I am happy to present to the global Research-Community the names and
research interests of the scientists here as expressed by themselves.

We hope that this will put us all in a better position to share interests
and experiences with fellow scientists.

John Kimario,
System Operator, IHRDC
Ifakara Centre, PO Box 53
Fax: +255-56-3566


1.Andrew Y.Kitua (Phd) - Malaria Prevention and control
- Health Systems Research
- Malaria Vaccines and field testing
- Health policy and partnership in Health Research

2.Ikupa Akim - Transmission blocking Immunity vaccines (malaria)
- Malaria transmission
- Falciparum biology
- Malaria Epidemiology

3.Camilo Acosta - Design and Methodology of Interaction Studies
- Vaccine development (malaria and TB vaccines)
- Epidemiology of TB and Malaria

4.Hassan Mshinda - Anti-malaria drug resistance
- Application of molecular tools in epidemiological
- Integration of disease control programmes in
Health Systems

5.Nassoro Kikumbih - Health economics particularly in health
insurance, willingness to pay, health reforms,
and evaluation of programmes

6.John Kimario - Application of Geographical Information Systems
(GIS) in Tropical disease research and health
- Health Education & communication in rural
districts, esp. to women & children not attending
- Health Informatics - Application of modern
information technology in rural district health
management information & data management
- Demographic and health surveys

7.Claudia Galindo - Epidemiology of Malaria vaccine (malaria) & TB
- Tuberculosis Epidemiology

8.Rehema Kilonzo - Traditional Birth Attendants studies: the
evaluation of practices and perceptions
- Adolescent fertility

9.Happines Minja - Social cultural aspects of health
- Knowledge attitude perceptions and practices for
tropical diseases
- Gender aspects in tropical diseases

10.Rose Nathan - Reproductive health
- Children mortality
- Fostering

11.Charles Mayombana - Schistosomiasis epidemiology and control
- Essential Health Interventions
- School aged health issues, Health systems
- Helminthiasis epidemiology and control

12.J. A. Schellenberg - Malaria Epidemiology
- Design and methodology of intervention studies
for tropical diseases
- Demographic surveillance systems
- Causes of death in the community

13.Bart Knols (PhD) - Behaviour of malaria vectors
- Olfaction, Swarming, vector ecology, trap and
odour, bait development

14.Chris Drakeley (Phd) - Malaria transmission Dynamics
- Sexual stages immunity and population structure
of parasites

15.Edith Lyimo (PhD) - Malaria transmission
- Vector control
- bednets & poly bids
- Vector ecology
- Resistance of vectors to insecticide

16.Mathew Mashaka - Application of molecular tools in infectious
disease control
- High technology laboratory sciences

17.David Schellenberg - Malaria epidemiology, treatment & vaccines
- National policy development for malaria Treatment
- Clinical tropical medicine

18.Masanja Honorathi - Malaria epidemiology
- AIDS and TB epidemiology
- Statistical issues

19.Samuel Mwankusye - Health Systems Research
- Malaria Epidemiology and control-vaccines,
bednets, drug resistance, drug combination
- Family health

20.Oscar Mukasa - Medical statistics issues

21.Haji Mponda - Social marketing of bednets, insecticides and
other tropical disease interventions

22.Tegemea Kingu - Transmission blocking immunity
- Malaria transmission
- Microbiological research issues for malaria

23.Honorathy Urassa - Immunology of infectious diseases
- Application of molecular tools in bacteria drug

24.Salim Abdulla - Anti-malaria chemotherapy and resistance issues
- Treated bednets
- Household health and community based
- Epidemiology of malaria.

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