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AFRO-NETS> 'OneWorld Online' Office in Lusaka

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> 'OneWorld Online' Office in Lusaka
  • From: Sundie Sinkala <sundie@oneworld.org>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 10:55:15 -0400 (EDT)

'OneWorld Online' Office in Lusaka

Dear Partners,

I wish to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the Africa Re-
gional Co-ordinator & Editor-Trainer for 'OneWorld Online' (OWO) to
be based in Lusaka at the British Council Building. It has taken
sometime to fully settle down in this new office since being ap-
pointed early this year. I officially resumed duties mid-January with
a two weeks introduction programme in the UK, where I met a number of
colleagues from other parts of the world. I, however, only took up
office in Lusaka mid February and since then, I've been setting up
office and putting things in place, which admittedly, has not been
easy, considering this is the first time we're establishing such an
office in this part of the world.

Encouragingly, OneWorld Online has in the past few months assumed an
international stature with the inclusion of Africa and India, where
co-ordinators have been recruited and are already on board, making
networking among partners much easier than before. There're other
countries joining our community, with the planned set-up of regional
offices in Costa Rica and Japan in the not too distant future. When
this happens, OWO will indeed have become a very international commu-
nity, represented in all corners of the globe.

On our part as 'OneWorld Africa', we should be proud that we're part
of this world community. Consequently, we'd endeavour to do our best
to ensure we realise our objectives as a "network committed to the
promotion of human rights and sustainable development through har-
nessing the potential of the Internet". On my part, I can only say,
there's never been a more challenging time for the OneWorld Africa
partners to rise to the occasion. I'm certain that we'll all face the
challenge before us and contribute positively to making our continent
a better place to live in.

Lastly, I'm available on my email <sundie@oneworld.org> for any que-
ries you might have from time to time. Please feel free to contact me
whenever need be. I know that on some of my trips meeting with part-
ners, I'll be able to physically meet some of you and get to know
each other better. I wish you good luck in this promising 1999 and
hope we'll all get down to our usual business.

Best regards,

Sundie Sinkala
Africa Regional Co-ordinator & Editor-Trainer
OneWorld Online
British Council Building
Second Floor
P.O.Box 34567
Lusaka, Zambia
Tel: +260-1-232-773
Fax: +260-1-224-122

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