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AFRO-NETS> Global Forum for Health Research: Request for Proposals

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Global Forum for Health Research: Request for Proposals
  • From: Alina Pawlowska <pawlowskaa@who.ch>
  • Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 04:15:11 -0500 (EST)

Global Forum for Health Research: Request for Proposals

Status of Child Health and Nutrition Research: A Global Assessment
for the United Nations Special Session on Children


In September 2001, the UN Special Session on Children will consider
what progress has been made in relation to the lives of children
since the UN Convention on Children ten years ago. It also will con-
sider additional programmes and activities needed to improve the
lives of children in the future. The Child Health and Nutrition Re-
search Initiative considers that an evidence- and science-based re-
port provided in preparation for the UN Special Session on Children
will highlight the relevance of research in programme formulation and
stimulate research activity on specific priority areas.

Objectives of the report

1. The report should describe the importance of child health and nu-
trition research in a historical context and in terms of the welfare
of global societies in the future. It should review important pro-
gress made in the improvement of children's health and nutritional
status and highlight the critical role research has played in this

2. The report should describe how child health and nutrition research
is related to and may be considered within the context of various re-
search priority setting exercises, including "burden of disease"
analyses, World Bank and UN policy documents, organizational R&D pro-
grammes, and national research planning efforts.

3. The report should review available information in order to provide
examples of child health and nutrition research gaps that need to be
addressed urgently. The report should incorporate a gender perspec-
tive and explicitly consider the role of gender in child health and
nutrition research.

4. The report should identify key challenges for child health and nu-
trition research.

Application process

Institutions and research groups are eligible to apply for this
grant. It is envisaged that the work will need to be undertaken by a
team. Preference will be given to applications from developing coun-
try institutions, either working alone or in collaboration with in-
stitutions in the developed world. Proposals will be reviewed by a
selection committee comprising representatives of the Global Forum,
WHO and technical experts from the developing world. Only one appli-
cation will be chosen. The award will be worth up to US$ 40,000.


The deadline for receipt of applications is 21 November 2000 and the
award will be announced on 15 December 2000. The first draft of the
report is due by end March and the final document by 7 May 2001.

How to apply

For full details of the objectives of the report, features of the ap-
plication, schedule of work, review criteria and application process,
go to the Global Forum's website:

or contact the
Global Forum for Health Research
c/o WHO
20 Avenue Appia
CH-1211 Geneva 27
Attn: Kirsten Bendixen
Tel: +41-22-791-3787
Fax: +41-22-791-4394

Alina Pawlowska
Information Management Officer
Global Forum for Health Research

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