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AFRO-NETS> PROCOSI: Profile of a Network

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> PROCOSI: Profile of a Network
  • From: Susan Lee <SLee@ngonetworks.org>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 15:12:58 -0500 (EST)

PROCOSI: Profile of a Network

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of NGO Networks for Health, I am very pleased to announce
the publication of "PROCOSI: Profile of a Network".

This profile on the Bolivian health network, PROCOSI (Programa de Co-
ordinacion en Salud Integral), is the first in a series of profiles
that traces the history, growth, challenges, accomplishments, and im-
pact of a health network on its members and on the health of the com-
munities they serve.

The publication can be found on the Networks website:

A direct link is located on the first page, but you can also click on
"Publications and Presentations" and scroll down to "Our Newest Pub-
lications". If you would like a hard copy of this publication, please
respond to this e-mail.

We trust that you will find this profile interesting and informative.

Susan M. Lee, MHS
Communications Specialist
NGO Networks for Health
2000 M Street NW, 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20036, USA

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