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AFRO-NETS> Brief Report of the first "Adolescents' Day" - 15th Dec. 2000

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Brief Report of the first "Adolescents' Day" - 15th Dec. 2000
  • From: Vijay Johri <iiyi@satyam.net.in>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 05:22:01 -0400 (EDT)

Brief Report of the first "Adolescents' Day" - 15th Dec. 2000

Indian Institute of Young Inspirers (IIYI), Lucknow

Brief Background:

Young Inspirers are volunteers (mostly students) in the age group 11-
25 years who are trained as peer counselors and educators to promote
health (specially adolescent and youth health) and create AIDS aware-
ness. From April 1993 till October 1996, Young Inspirers worked with
the support of the Sexuality Education Counseling Research Ther-
apy/Training Unit of Family Planning Association of India (FPAI),
Lucknow Branch. In November 1996 they separated from FPAI and formed
their registered non-profit organization - Indian Institute of Young
Inspirers (IIYI).

After working in this field with full devotion and enthusiasm for the
last 7 years and having to their credit many innovative programs
which have caught the world's attention, Young Inspirers felt that it
is the need of the hour to have a special day declared for Adoles-
cents, to draw the attention of the health policy makers, health pro-
fessionals, parents and teachers and adolescents themselves, so that
their needs and expectations specially related to health and rela-
tionships can be properly addressed. Moreover, it is also time to in-
volve youngsters in designing and implementing their programs.

Hence, the Young Inspirers decided to observe 15th December as "Ado-
lescents Day". They also decided to inform about this to the United
Nations with a request to have this day be observed worldwide from
15th Dec. 2001 so that all the adolescents worldwide can benefit.

Whose idea:
This idea is the brain- child of Young Inspirer Manish Kumar, who
also has to his credit the idea of conceiving and initiating "Young
Inspirers" in April 1993.

The Indian Institute of Young Inspirers (IIYI), Lucknow, observed the
first "Adolescents Day" on 15th December 2000.

Venue: St. Antony School, Aliganj, Lucknow, U.P., India.

Activities held:
1. Exhibition on Health Awareness
2. Workshop on Spearhead Youth Health

Nature and No. of Beneficiaries
1. Exhibition - 125 students (girls and boys) of classes
and Participants: 6th -12th and 15 teachers.
2. Workshop - 25 students (girls and boys) of classes 8th and 9th.

Highlights of the Program:
Two distinguished guests - Dr. Robert Plotnick, Chair, and Dr. Steve
Gloyd, Director, Population Leadership Program, University of Wash-
ington, Seattle, USA along-with Mr. Vijay Johri, President, IIYI
graced the occasion by their presence and encouraged and blessed the
Young Inspirers for being successful in their mission of promoting
adolescent and youth health.

In the exhibition, Young Inspirers displayed and distributed educa-
tional material - like posters, pamphlets, booklets etc. on various
health issues. The center of attraction was an 18 meters long banner
having health related messages on safe-motherhood, AIDS, immuniza-
tion, environment, blood donation etc. The exhibition was inaugurated
by Dr. Robert Plotnick.

The Workshop on Spearhead Youth Health was inaugurated by Dr. Steve
Gloyd. The objectives of the workshop were -
1. To identify the needs and problems of adolescents.
2. To develop necessary skills to handle these problems.

The workshop was conducted by Young Inspirers, who helped the stu-
dents identify problems they face as adolescents and then think of
how to deal with them effectively. Young Inspirers also did Anti-
superstition tricks and magic tricks and related them to health is-
sues, which were very much liked by the participants. Mr. Vijay Johri
highlighted the activities and achievements of Young Inspirers and
encouraged the students to join the group of Young Inspirers and pro-
mote adolescent health.

In the evening Dr.Robert Plotnick and Dr. Steve Gloyd visited the Re-
source Center of IIYI and praised the efforts of Young Inspirers for
collecting various Information, Education and Communication materials
from several organizations all over the world on issues related to
environment, sexual and reproductive health, leadership, sexually
transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, population etc.

About 15 Young Inspirers worked hard to make the program successful.

Vijay Johri
President, IIYI
C - 92, Sector 'A', Mahanagar
Lucknow, Pin 226006, U.P., India
Tel: +91-522-374-270
Fax: +91-522-338-640
with a cc to iiyi@satyam.net.in

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