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AFRO-NETS> New publications from Ipas

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> New publications from Ipas
  • From: Merrill Wolf <WolfM@ipas.org>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 13:31:36 -0500 (EST)

New publications from Ipas

Ipas is pleased to announce several new publications addressing
women's sexual and reproductive rights:

* Ipas's vision: Protecting women's health, advancing women's repro-
ductive rights

This 12-page booklet provides a general description of Ipas and its
worldwide activities in training, research, advocacy, distribution of
reproductive health technologies, and information dissemination. It
includes highlights of Ipas programs in Africa, Latin America and the
Caribbean, Asia, North America and Europe, and at the global level.
The brochure also articulates Ipas's vision of, and leadership in, a
global initiative to mobilize commitment and resources at all levels
to improve the quality and accessibility of abortion care in the con-
text of comprehensive reproductive health care, to ensure sustainable
access to reproductive health technologies, and to create social and
policy environments that support women's reproductive health and
rights. (In English. Full text online at http://www.ipas.org. Hard
copies are available free of charge.)

* Scaling-up postabortion care: Lessons from a decade of experience
in Mexico
by M. Virginia Chambers, Jaime Fuentes Velasquez and Diane N. Ca-

The latest issue of Ipas's Dialogue series reports on successful ef-
forts by three of Mexico's leading public-sector health institutions
to bring life-saving postabortion care and contraceptive counseling
and services to more than 60 percent of the country's public hospi-
tals. Mexico has more experience than any other country "scaling-up"
postabortion care -- that is, making high-quality services broadly
and routinely available to the largest possible number of women. Its
accomplishments offer important guidance for others working to reduce
deaths and injuries of women from unsafe abortion. (In English, Span-
ish and Portuguese. Full text online at http://www.ipas.org. Hard
copies are available free of charge.)

* Gender or sex: Who cares?
by Maria de Bruyn and Nadine France

Ipas developed this skills-building resource pack on gender and re-
productive health for adolescents and youth workers in collaboration
with the Health & Development Networks, with technical assistance
from the World Health Organization and the Instituto de Educación y
Salud (IES, Peru). The pack includes a manual with a workshop cur-
riculum and background information, a set of curriculum cards that
facilitators can use as easy references during workshops, and exer-
cise and information sheets that can be photocopied for overheads and
handouts at workshops. (In English and [later this winter] Spanish.
Full text online at http://www.ipas.org. Hard copies are available at
a cost of $20.00 plus shipping and handling for industrialized coun-
tries. Hard copies are available free of charge to NGOs in developing
countries, maximum of 5 copies per organization.)

* Violence, pregnancy and abortion -- Issues of women's rights and
public health
by Maria de Bruyn

This thoroughly documented monograph reviews worldwide data on the
relationship between violence, pregnancy and abortion, and suggests
measures different sectors of society can take to reduce women's suf-
fering and to ensure their basic human right to be free from vio-
lence. (In English. Full text online at http://www.ipas.org. Hard
copies are available in limited quantities free of charge.)

For additional information about these or any other Ipas publica-
tions, contact:

Keith M. Ward
Tel: +1-919-960-5705
mailto:wardk@ipas.org or

Please feel free to share this announcement with anyone you think may
be interested. If you received this announcement directly from Ipas
and would prefer to be removed from this distribution list, please
let us know in a reply to this message. If someone else forwarded it
to you and you would like to be added to our list, please let us know
that as well. Thank you!

Ipas is an international nongovernmental organization that has worked
for nearly three decades to reduce abortion-related deaths and inju-
ries and to increase women's ability to exercise their sexual and re-
productive rights. Ipas's global and country programs include train-
ing, research, advocacy, distribution of reproductive health tech-
nologies, and information dissemination.

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