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AFRO-NETS> World wide movement to Stop TB - World TB Day 2002

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> World wide movement to Stop TB - World TB Day 2002
  • From: "P. Heitkamp" <heitkampp@who.ch>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 14:03:41 -0500 (EST)

World wide movement to Stop TB - World TB Day 2002
"Stop TB, fight poverty"

This year's World TB Day is marking a truly global movement to stop
tuberculosis. Across the globe a wide variety of events are happening
this and next week. Already, over 50 activities are announced on the
Stop TB website. Numerous Stop TB partners are holding media events
and highlighting news stories to involve a larger public in the fight
against TB.

Specific (African) events and news stories can be found on the Stop
TB Website:

Some of the highlights of events before 24 March:
- Nepal (18-24 March): Example of a year-long campaign:

- Kenya (21 March): GDF drugs arrive in Kenya:

- USA (21 March): The National Coalition for the Elimination of Tu-
berculosis (NCET) News Conference, organized by the American Lung As-
sociation, Washington, D.C. CDC releases its annual data. MSF holds
press-conference in NY:

- WHO Global TB Control report 2002-Press Release (21 March): A frac-
tion of TB patients get the best care -Low income countries pay 70% of
their TB bill:

- China (21 March): World Bank Joins UK/DFID to Lend US$ 104 Million
to Combat TB:
The signing ceremony will take place in Beijing Sunday 24 March.

- United Kingdom/ TB Alert (22 March): Poverty in western world
amongst the homeless:

- Canada (22-23 March) Stop TB Canada - Halte à la Tuberculose:
Canadian CIDA pledges financial support to fight Tuberculosis (22

Many more events will take place on Sunday 24 March - World TB Day
itself, or right after. We encourage you to keep on following these
events and related news-stories through the Stop TB Website:
or through the Stop TB Discussion Forum:

A sustained campaign emphasizes this year's theme "Stop TB, fight
poverty" starting on WTBD. The Evidence Base will be build through
research, information and scientific debate. Supported by seminars
and workshops this will lead to recommendations presented in December
2002. Public opinion and testimonials will be collected through an
electronic discussion forum. You can join the Discussion Forum initi-
ated on WTBD to explore specific poverty-related themes throughout
the year. You are encouraged to develop year-round activities and
stress the targets for case detection and cure, as this indicates
both that the global partnership has a plan and that massive expan-
sion of DOTS is necessary to achieve the targets:

'Stop TB' - a global movement to accelerate social and political ac-
tion to stop the spread of tuberculosis around the world. If you
would like to subscribe to the StopTB mailing list, or if you require
further information please contact the Stop TB Secretariat:

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