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AFRO-NETS> Global Forum for Health Research: 10/90 Report 2001-2002

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Global Forum for Health Research: 10/90 Report 2001-2002
  • From: Global Forum for Health Research <info@globalforumhealth.org>
  • Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 16:44:19 -0400 (EDT)

Global Forum for Health Research: 10/90 Report 2001-2002

The Global Forum for Health Research has just published its third
"10/90 Report on Health Research", which focuses on the crucial role
of health and health research in the fight against poverty; progress
in the definition of priorities for health research; the development
of partnerships and networks in key research areas; and the applica-
tion of a new tool for developing the priority research agenda. The
Report covers progress in helping correct the 10/90 gap in health re-
search over the past two years and outlines plans for the coming

The 10/90 Report 2001-2002 is addressed to all those who can help
change, in whatever way, the imbalance in the allocation of health
research funding: those who fund research, those who set priorities,
those who influence decision-making, those who provide information
and evidence.

The Report is made up of:
* Introductory matter (acknowledgements, contents, list of inserts,
glossary, abbreviations)
* Executive Summary
* Chapter 1. Health research, health, development, poverty and global
* Chapter 2. An overview of the Global Forum for Health Research
* Chapter 3. Governance of health research
* Chapter 4. Progress in priority-setting methodologies
* Chapter 5. Priorities in health research
* Chapter 6. Monitoring financial flows
* Chapter 7. Some networks in priority research areas
* Annex. Programme of Forum 5, Geneva, October 2001.

You may download the Report in Adobe PDF format (chapter by chapter)
from our website:

or send for a free printed copy - via the website or from
<info@globalforumhealth.org> . The Executive Summary is also avail-
able in French and Spanish.

This report was prepared by the Secretariat of the Global Forum for
Health Research on the basis of the presentations and discussions at
Forum 5, held in October 2001 in Geneva, as well as those at Forum 4,
held in October 2000 in Bangkok as part of the International Confer-
ence on Health Research and Development, and on the basis of the work
of the Global Forum and its partners during 2001 and 2002. The Secre-
tariat alone is responsible for the views expressed.

Principal authors are as follows:
Chapters 1, 2 and 3: Louis J. Currat;
Chapters 4, 5 and 6: Andres de Francisco;
Chapter 7: Thomas Nchinda.

The various sections of Chapter 8 were contributed by Thomas Borne-
mann, Louis J. Currat, Andrea Egan, Andres de Francisco, Claudia Gar-
cia Moreno, Miguel Gonzalez Block, Walter Gulbinat, Christopher
Hentschel, Adnan Hyder, Thomas Nchinda, Tikki Pang, K. Srinath Reddy,
Roy Widdus, together with the Secretariat of the Global Alliance for
TB Drug Development and the TDR/RCS team.

Global Forum for Health Research 2002
Published by the Global Forum for Health Research
ISBN 2-940286-07-8

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