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AFRO-NETS> Africamix - Atlanta Festival

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Africamix - Atlanta Festival
  • From: Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink.net>
  • Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 16:40:35 -0400 (EDT)

Africamix - Atlanta Festival

12th and 13th October, 2002
Atlanta, GA, USA

Dear Friends,

I am writing to let you know about an exciting event taking place in
Atlanta, GA on October 12th and 13th, 2002. The Africamix-Atlanta
Festival will take place at The Masquerade, from 11am-7pm both days,
and will feature such artists as Red Rat, Oliver Ngoma, Suave Band,
Done Yute, Yondo Sister, Ras Rebel, Byron J, Gloria, Urukumbuzi,
Dancers Seed and Soi, E.B. Boys, South Sudan Band, Vacenao, Mwamikazi
African Dancers, and Temple Yard. The music ranges from dancehall
reggae to Haitian to Afro-Pop, and from R&B to rap to salsa, with
doses of gospel, soukous from the Democratic Republic of the Congo,
Afro-Cuban, and Rwandese traditional dancing. Two-day passes are $10
each; Saturday only is US$5; Sunday only is $8; and children under 12
are free. All net proceeds will be donated to various organizations
helping AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in Africa.

For more information, please see:
http://www.africamix.com/atlanta.html (or "org")
and contact Claude Gatebuke, Africamix East Coast Operations Officer,
at <claudeg@africamix.com>, and Tel: +1-800-245-1116.

For news about the Africamix organization, please see:

and check out the "Country Programs" as well. Africamix is a 501c3
nonprofit incorporated in the USA, with branches developing in 10 or
more African countries, and also in the UK, Canada, and France. Afri-
camix is dedicated to utilizing the arts and music in the service of
youth, and in particular to addressing child abuse, HIV/AIDS, child
wellness and development, youth advocacy, and a happier, healthier
future for all children and youth everywhere. Volunteers are welcome,
and your time, energy, commitment, and any and all types of donations
are deeply appreciated and highly valued! Please contact:
<volunteer@africamix.com> for more details.

KAIPPG/International is a proud supporter of this organization, and
recently helped to sponsor the first festival organized by Africamix-
Kenya (http://www.africamix.com/kenya.html). KAIPPG -- Kenya AIDS In-
tervention/Prevention Project Group -- is a full-service AIDS organi-
zation located in W. Kenya, and with an international branch of 80
volunteers in 20 countries. We focus special attention on children,
youth, and women - including AIDS orphans - and we also address pov-
erty, malnutrition, lack of education and healthcare, human-rights,
environmental issues, the digital divide, and sustainable develop-
ment. We are paying particular attention to the arts as an invaluable
means of AIDS education and prevention, and are hoping to form a coa-
lition of like-minded individuals and groups/organizations devoted to
this purpose.

Please see us at http://www.kaippg.org

With many heartfelt thanks and all best wishes, and yours in strug-
gle, hope, and creativity!

Janet Feldman
Director, KAIPPG/International

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