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AFRO-NETS> Supercourse Newsletter, October 10, 2002

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Supercourse Newsletter, October 10, 2002
  • From: Ron LaPorte <super1+@pitt.edu>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 11:19:55 -0400 (EDT)

Supercourse Newsletter, October 10, 2002


Dear Friends,

Guilt, Guilt, Guilt, Guilt

Warning, do NOT read this newsletter, if you are afraid of guilt.

Of all the flavours one eats, salt is indispensable; wherever one
goes in the world, one's mother is dearest. - Chinese proverb

My Dear Child,

This is your mother speaking. You have disappointed me badly.

First, you decided to go into the field of prevention. Your class-
mates took jobs as neurosurgeons, plumbers, lawyers and politicians.
They are getting rich. My child, why do you stay poor working in pre-

Second, you are not of the elite 1,000. My child, there are 930 lec-
tures, and you have not even included you, are you inferior? Our fam-
ily will be disgraced, with scorn heaped upon it, as you have not
participated in saving the world. All my friend's children have
joined, Mrs. Cerf, Mrs. Dong, Mrs. Sekikawa, Mrs. Shubnikov, these
mothers are most proud. Despite the fact that they are not making
money, they are famous world-wide, they joined the elite legacy lec-
ture group. Sadly, my child you have not, you are "my child, the only
leader in prevention, whose lectures have not been immortalized.
"Sigh" my child "sigh"

My child, do you realize the pain of childbirth I had when I deliv-
ered you. It is MUCH less painful to spend but 2 hours to share one
of your lectures, your beautiful, cultured pearl lectures, that can
tip us over into legacy 1,000.

Sadly, you are not only poor, but you do not care about your mother,
or the world. Sigh.

But, my child, I your mother asks you, to help me, and help the
world, by just sharing one simple PowerPoint lecture in the name of
mother's love , and world health by Halloween. I want to see the leg-
acy 1,000 lectures; I want you to be in it, I want you to help save
the world.

I will make you breakfast, I will clean your dirty rumpled clothes,
if only you could help me, your mother, the one who bore you, the one
who fed you, the one who took care of you. You are my baby, but now
you must fly, to be seen world wide, to make the 1,000 lectures.

Chinese 1,000 proverbs:
Better to have a 1,000 friends, and not one enemy.
A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.
There are a thousand roads, but only one follows reason.
A thousand Supercourse lectures, prevent a million deaths.

It does not flow very well:
There are 997 roads, but only one follows reason.
Nine hundred and eight six lectures can prevent nine hundred thou-
sand, eight hundred and forty two deaths.

Think just a minute about the lectures you gave this semester, and
the lectures you are to give. Would any be good?

Final Quote:
You will do what is right, you are my child.
(the lament of an epidemiologist/public health/preventionists mother)

When you look at your mother, think Supercourse lecture. Onward to

Library of Alexandria:

There has been incredible progress at the library. We have worked to-
gether with Laila Dowidar and Layla Abdelhady who have been great.
They will be distributing a 900 lecture version of the CD to everyone
attending. They had the excellent idea to include a presentation
about the opening and other files in the CD so it becomes a Library
of Alexandria CD of lectures, leading up to the broad library of Al-
exandria CD. Eugene Shubnikov and I (Ron) will be presenting at the
opening. This will be very important as this will be a power audience
with people from across the world. It appears that the Lancet and Na-
ture will write about the meeting based upon our contact with them.
The new head of the library, Ismail Serageldin has been an out-
standing leader of the effort, and very supportive of the library of
Alexandria Supercourse.

There is extraordinary progress in Egypt. We will be presenting via
Satellite to a large meeting at WHO EMRO on the Supercourse at the
end of October. Najeeb Al-Shorbaji has been great organizing the
meeting. We will also distribute the CDs at the meeting, with them
adding content.

We are discovering the importance of the CDs in telling people who we
are. The cost of duplicating is not expensive, about US$ 1.00. If you
are heading a conference, you can put information on the CD about the
conference with the 1,000 lectures. Also, you can advertise your con-
ference on the outside.

It would be wonderful if major conferences like the APHA, SER, IEA,
etc. would consider burning CDs to stick in the bags of people.

Well, my Child, it is time to say good night, and for me your mother
to sing you a lullaby.

Go to sleep,
Little child,
Submit a lecture about prevention
So your mother won t go wild.

Sleep child sleep

We are really, really close. A 1,000 lecture CD will be much more
powerful than something less than that. We can do it.

Thanks so much, it is great to have so many friends world wide.

Sincerely yours,

Ron, your mother, Eugene, Faina, Akira, EunRyoung, Mita, Julia, Ben-
jamin, Beatriz, Rania, Soni, Abed, Tom, Deb

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