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AFRO-NETS> World Health Report: Years of Healthy Life... (4)

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> World Health Report: Years of Healthy Life... (4)
  • From: Garance Upham <g_upham@club-internet.fr>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 13:33:05 -0500 (EST)

World Health Report: Years of Healthy Life... (4)


How wonderful!

At last, with the last WHO 2002 report, it has become clear that
health has nothing to do with science, care, development or lack
thereof, public provision of services, or the environment! Health
comes with good behavior! Bad health comes from bad behavior, it's
that simple.

Now, it is clear that WHO should fold, or be converted into a market-
ing company for corporations, much as the World Bank with its market-
ing effort to promote Unilever's soap in Kerala. Africans have more
AIDS because of they engage more in sex than anyone else! UNAIDS has
been saying so all along, with the Bank, and WHO and all, for many
years now. AIDS is totally unrelated to levels of poverty, jobless-
ness, high rates of common diseases like TB, illiteracy, women so
poor they are forced into prostitution, mine work, migration, Apart-
heid and so forth...

If life expectancy has fallen dramatically because of AIDS in South-
ern Africa, Africans have nothing but themselves to blame. With a
little bit of good behavior, they could bring back life expectancy
down 20 years instead of 25... AIDS sweeps through Africa, because,
as everyone should know, Africans have little brain but are good at
sex. The worse of it is that they like children and don't wear rub-
ber, that's really BAD behavior. Besides wild sex, there is also
cigarettes. Africans smoke a lot, and Asian youth too. It's been ob-
vious to all that increase in smoking in Africa and Asia is totally,
is absolutely unrelated to the billion dollar investments of multina-
tional tobacco companies and has nothing to do with Nixon years ex-
port assistance of hundreds of millions of dollars to tobacco corpo-

Among the odd recommendations in the report: Cuba, with life expec-
tancy at 66.6, highest in the Western hemisphere with Canada and the
United States, is told it could improve by a few years with better
behavior, but the report does not say that the island, among the
poorest on the planet, still under economic embargo, has the best
performing health system and the highest ratio of physicians per in-
habitants of all developing countries... Obviously, the authors of
the report have the "evidence" and can give lessons to Cuba in health
management and marketing.

Needless to say, increased public spending in health care is NOT one
of the recommendations of the WHO 2002 report chief Chris Murray's
"evidence based (sic) study". Whoever, Wherever You are, You the AIDS
victim, You the poor mom scratching a living for your sick child, You
the cripple, You the leper, You are to blame for your misfortune, or
if not You, it must be the Fault of Your Family, IF YOU HAD BEHAVED,
you had lived longer and better! A SICK person is inherently bad,
this is old mythology isn't it? Back to Witchcraft: the sick are
witches and sorcerers, evil doers aren't they?

Interesting to note that gimmicks that increase profitability of
pharmaceutical corporations like all the nicotine replacements of
Ciba Geigy are recommended, all the food supplements of Kraft and
Co.,...etc. Perhaps the poor countries of the South are becoming too
impoverished and too affected by diseases such as AIDS to avoid the
descent into socio-economic collapse and hell, but citizens and in-
stitutions of the "fat world" are too mentally crippled, too mentally
sick, too fundamentally racist, to survive. As the saying goes: when
fish rots, it rots from the head...

Garance, an angry "misbehaved" sorcerer.

Garance Upham
Tel: +33-660-83-9448 (home)
Tel: +33-4-5042-8226 (work)
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