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AFRO-NETS> First International Seminar of Medical Entomology

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> First International Seminar of Medical Entomology
  • From: S Z Husainy <anmedent@sancharnet.in>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 11:47:28 -0500 (EST)

First International Seminar of Medical Entomology

19 and 20 January, 2003
Bhopal, India

Dear listers,

Sincere apology for cross posting.

A two day "First International Seminar of Medical Entomology" on
January 19 and 20, 2003 at Bhopal, India is being organised as a
joint collaboration by The Annals of Medical Entomology, Bhopal,
462001, India, and Dr. Mrs. N. Kapoor, Associate Professor, Depart-
ment of Pathology, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal 462001, India.

There will four plenary sessions spread over two days with a cultural
event on the intervening night of 19 and 20 January and if possible a
sight seeing of Sanchi, a 45 kms away spot having an ancient Buddha

The proceedings of the seminar shall be published as the special is-
sue of The Annals of Medical Entomology.

The participants will be given free accommodation and hospitality but
nothing towards to and fro fare as there are very limited funds
available for the conduction of the seminar.

The registration fees shall be US$ 30.-- for foreign participants and
Rs. 400.-- for the Indians. The application for registration should
be sent on plain letter along with the fees in advance for making
proper arrangements. The participants may also register on site be-
fore the opening of the seminar but prior intimation in such cases is

The participants should submit their abstracts latest by 19th Decem-
ber, 2002. If participants are coming with any accompanying person,
it should be informed at the time of sending application for regis-
tration. The registration fees of the accompanying person shall be
US$ 20.-- for foreigners and Rs. 200.-- for Indians. The accompanying
person shall get all free hospitality and shall be allowed only in
the opening ceremony, cultural night, valedictory function and sight
seeing if any.

We invite the scientists/medical entomologists, parasitologists, vec-
tor biologists etc. from all over the world to attend this seminar.

Contact person:
All correspondence regarding seminar should be addressed to
Dr. Mohammed Ali Husainy
First International Seminar of Medical Entomology
Room No. 41, B-Block, Gandhi Medical College Hostel
Bhopal 462001, India

With kind regards.

Dr. Ms. N. Kapoor, M.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
Gandhi Medical College
Bhopal 462001, India


Dr. S. Z. Husainy, Ph. D.
The Chief Editor
The Annals of Medical Entomology and
The Annals of Medical Entomology Newsletter
P.B. No.337, TTN/H.P.O.
Bhopal (MP) 462001, India

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