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AFRO-NETS> Global Online Database of Programs Serving Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Global Online Database of Programs Serving Children Affected by HIV/AIDS
  • From: Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink.net>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 15:38:29 -0500 (EST)

Global Online Database of Programs Serving Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

Announced by Pendulum Project, Children's AIDS Fund

Washington, DC (November 30, 2002)


A new online database of programs serving children affected by
HIV/AIDS around the world will debut on World AIDS Day December 1,
2002. Database listings will include grassroots programs throughout
the world that provide care and support to children affected, in-
fected and orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The project is a collaborative ef-
fort between the Pendulum Project in Cambridge, Mass., and the Chil-
dren's AIDS Fund in Washington, DC.

The new global online database will:

* Increase attention to the plight and needs of HIV impacted
* Highlight the vibrant and successful grassroots responses to
children's needs already underway;
* Link organizations and facilitate networking and collaboration,
* Connect grassroots programs with potential donors who can provide
financial, in-kind, and technical support.

"We all know about the incredible needs of children impacted by
HIV/AIDS around the world," said Suzi Peel, CEO of The Pendulum Pro-
ject. "Our hope is that this project will help support the amazing
work of dedicated individuals and communities who are working tire-
lessly to meet those needs."

The database will be accessible through both collaborating organiza-
tion websites: http://www.pendulumproject.org and
http://www.childrensaidsfund.org. Listings will include a brief pro-
gram description, contact information, activity location, services
offered, and areas of potential support.

"This project is an important step toward building the capacity of
grassroots care providers around the world, through visibility, net-
working, and support," commented Anita Smith, Children's AIDS Fund

The Pendulum Project is a non-profit humanitarian organization whose
mission is to improve the lives of children by linking donors with
community-based HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support activities
around the world. The Children's AIDS Fund is a non-profit organiza-
tion that works to limit suffering of children and their families
caused by HIV disease by providing care, services, resources, refer-
rals, and education.

To include a program in the database that cares for children in-
fected, affected, and/or orphaned by HIV/AIDS, please

Suzi Peel, The Pendulum Project
Tel.: +1-617-792-0772

Anita Smith, Children's AIDS Fund
Tel.: +1-703-433-1560

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