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AFRO-NETS> Conference: Malaria - a global challenge

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Conference: Malaria - a global challenge
  • From: Anthony Binder <anthony.binder@amphia.org>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 16:08:07 -0500 (EST)

Conference: Malaria - a global challenge

11 - 14 August, 2003
Top Hotel Praha, Prague, Czech Republic

Michael Ashton, Paper; Clinical Pharmacokinetics of the artemisinin

Jean-Bosco Ouedaogo: Paper: Case-control study on biological and ge-
netical factors involved in cerebral malaria in Boby-Dioulasso, Burk-
ina Faso

Gatama Gichini: Paper: Evalution of efficacy of selected Zimbabwean
repellent plants species against laboratory reared female Aedes ae-
gypti (Weid) mosquitoes (diptera: Culicidae)

Christopher Msoma: Paper: The pattern of clinical presentation and
outcome of severe malaria in children residing on differen altitudes
around Mount Kilimanjaro

Alister C. Munthali: Paper: Determinants of seeking treatment of ma-
laria among the Tumbuke of Rural Malawi

Flemming Konradsen: Paper: A presentation of the Systemwide Initia-
tive on Malaria and Agriculture (SIMA) an invitation for collabora-
tion across sectors.

Emran Bin Yunus: Paper: A controlled trial on the efficacy of meflo-
quine in an area with reported resistance in a multi-drug resistant
falciparum area of Bangladesh

Ridwanur Rahman, Paper: A Hospital based study on the riskfactors of
Severe and Complicated Malaria (SCM) in an endemic tegion of Bangla-
desh and its implications for malaria control

Abul Faiz: Paper: Management of Malaria from Hostpital to Community:
Bangladesh Experience

P.V. Udagama-Randenya: Paper: Naturally acquired antibody responce to
carboxy-terminal fragments of Merozoite Sruface Protein I of Plasmo-
dium Vivax under "unstable" malaria in Sri Lanka

Pongwit Bualombai: Paper: Determining cost-effectiveness and cost
component of three malaria diagnostic models being used in non micro-
scope remote areas.

Carol Berkower: Paper: Generation of reconbinant BCG vaccines for ma-

David Mwagi Mburu: Paper: Temperature effects of the survival, mor-
taliyt, bodysoze, fecundity and duration of gonotrophic cycle of
anopheles arabiensis patton strain kgb and aedes aegypti weid (dip-
tera: culicidae) population in the laboratory.

Nzira Lukwa: Paper: Plants as mosquito repellents and their effect on
mosquito behaviour.

Tefera Agizew: Paper: Use and Effectiveness of Anti-malaria Chemo-
prophylaxis Among Pregnant Women in Northern Malaria Endemic Dis-
tricts in Botswana. Doung Duc Chien: Paper: Strategic Malaria Preven-
tion in Vietnam Prapon Wilairat: Paper: Inavtivation of artemisisnin
by thalassemic erythrocytes

Saranya Auparakkitanon: Paper: Effects of 9-anilinoacridine compounds
on heme binding, heme poly merization and heme-drug induces of red
blood cell lysis.

Yangou cheng: Paper: Isolation of Plasmodiumfalciparum cDNA Encoding
Drug-Binding Proteins to Artemisinin Antimalarials Using Drug-Western

Sungano Mharakurwa: Paper: Selection for PFMDR1 and PRCRT mutations
during malaria treatment in Zimbabwe

Filip Moerman, Paper: Contribution of health care services to a sound
and sustainable malaria control policy. Mufuta Tshimanga: Paper: Use
and outcome of chemoprophylaxis in pregnant women in Zimbabwe.

S.K. Ghosh: Paper: Malaria in Mangalore ­ a coastal South Indian
City, it's causes and control strategies.

Michael Hollingdale: Paper: The European and Developing Countries
Clinical Trials Partnership.

Miles Hacker: Paper: The apicoplast as a new target for anti-malarial
drug discovery.

Valery Gilbos: Paper: Lao Farmers on Mosquito-Fever.

Edwin Afari: Paper: Progress on RBM Monitoring and Evaluation in the
WHO African Region.

Christopher Hentschel: Title not yet registered

Vas Dev: Paper: Persistent transmission of malaria and control
strategies in the northeastern India

Aklilu Seyoum: Paper: Small scale field trial on the repellency of
plants by two different application methods in Lulanda, Western Kenya

Henk Stunnenberg: Paper: Proteomics in the battle against Malaria

Musharraf Ali: Paper: Development and evaluation of new technologies
to reduce man-mosquito contact.

Farba Faye: Paper: Diagnosis criteria and risk factors of Plasmodium
scale malaria

Andrew Githeko: Paper: Factors driving malaria epidemics in western
Kenya Highland

Olivia Lomoro: Paper: Malaria management in a fractures society:
treatment-seeking behaviour in Kakuma refugee camp, Northwestern

Anna Eno: Paper: Comparison of Optimal rapid malaria test and Micros-
copy in the Evaluation of the Impact of Deforestation in the Preva-
lence of Malaria in a Degrated and Non-degrated forest zones in the
Southern Province of Cameroon.

Yan-Hong Zhao: Paper: Effect of Artemether on Mitochondrial Membrane
Potential of Neural Cell

Nwokolo Ernest Onuora: Paper: Assessment of home management of ma-
laria in an urban community in Lagos Nigeria

Francis J Mulaa: Paper: Identification of developmentally regulated
expressed transcripts of plasmodium falciparum gametocytes

Hema Joshi: Paper: Genetic profile of Indian Human malaria parasite

Boniface Kalanda: Paper: Epidemiology of malaria and infant morbibity
in the Lower Shire Valley, Malawi.

Ron Masendu: Title not yet registered

Takafira Mduluza: Paper: Malaria treatment and parasitemia during
peak transmission and the effects of treatment in HIV positive adults
at irrigation farm and Lake Kariba areas of Zimbabwe.

Sodeinde Olugbemiro: Paper: Effect of Hydroxyurea on the growth of
Tlasmodium falciparum in-vitro.

Sodeinde Olugbemiro: Paper: Cerebral Malaria in Sickle Cell Anaemia.
Karin Koellander: Paper: Symptom overlap for Malaria and pneumonia ­
implications for community and home management in Sub Saharan Africa.

Nanda Nutan: Paper: Biological variations among cryptic species in
malaria vectors as basis to formulate vector control strategies.

Drug development and drug resistance
Integration of malaria control
Strategic Malaria Prevention
Regional and International Co-operation
Environmental Management
Integrated Vector Management
Distribution, Prevention and Protection
Molecular and genome research
Comparative research and study exchange in Southeast Asia
Vaccine development and distribution: strategic Malaria Prevention.
Development projects and malaria
Annual Malaria Conference in Botswana
New technologies for vector control
Vaccines and distributions: epidemiology
Immunology, Epidemiology, Vaccine Development, funds for life and e-
conomic support for malaria actions
Environmental Management of Malaria

For papers and workshop related matters please contact
Ms Jeanette Douhan

Full programme is distributed separately.

Organisational Committee
Dr. Duong Duc Chieng, Vietnam-EC Malaria Control Project
Dr. A. K. Githeko, Kenya Medical Research Institute
Hans Overgaard, Ph.D.
Pongwit Boalombai, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
Tefera Agizew, Ministry of Health, Botswana
Dr. Jean-Bosco Ouedraogo, Institut de Recherche en Science de la
Santé, Burkina Faso
Nzira Lukwa, Blair Research Institute, Zimbabwe
Prof. Mike Hollingdale, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
D. M. A. Ansari, Malaria Research Centre, India
Dr. Mufuta Tshimanga, University of Zimbabwe
David Adams, Ph.D., M.P.H.
David Mwangi Mburu, University of Zimbabwe

The accommodation

Fee is US$ 975.00/EUR 995.00 for a 4 nights package, single room
accommodation. Package incl. accommodation, transportation, admis-
sion, breakfast, coffee breaks, lunches all days, admission to the
banquet as well as material. Dinners are not included in the package.
Additional nights available at US$ 65.00/EUR 65.00 (B&B)

One day admission is US$ 190.00/EUR 195.00. Includes admission,
lunch, coffee breaks and material.

Banquet as addition to one day packages is US$ 45.00/EUR 45.00 Ban-
quet is held August 12, 2003. Please indicate your dietary needs.

For further info on accommodation contact
Emma Asplund

For information on sponsoring

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Anthony Binder

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