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AFRO-NETS> Condoms and the Church (7)

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Condoms and the Church (7)
  • From: Atsu Seake-Kwawu <dratsu_skwawu@yahoo.co.uk>
  • Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2002 12:40:19 -0500 (EST)

Condoms and the Church (7)

David Patient's article made a very interesting reading and I wish we
had just a few more of the like of the Maputo Bishop.

If we can get such support, our work in educating people about HIV
can be much easier. I recall a local church pastor who once told me
of a female member of his church who discovered a pack of condoms un-
der their matrimonial bed, took it to him (the pastor) and they both
destroyed it. I told him his complicity in that act has rather ex-
posed the couple to an avoidable infection and death. It is refresh-
ing to know some of the clergy are beginning to see things clearer.

Dr Atsu Seake-Kwawu
District Director of Health Services
North Tongu, Ghana

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