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AFRO-NETS> 7th Southern Africa Domestic Resource Mobilisation Workshop

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> 7th Southern Africa Domestic Resource Mobilisation Workshop
  • From: "T.S. Muyoya" <ts@mwengo.org.zw>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 02:54:08 -0500 (EST)

7th Southern Africa Domestic Resource Mobilisation Workshop

11 to 13 February, 2003
National Convention Centre
Maseru Lesotho

Greetings from MWENGO,

Kindly circulate appended information on the forthcoming workshop
with your members and those you would be interested. We apologise for
this late announcement.

Many thanks,
T.S. Muyoya


The workshop has been designed to provide:
* a market place for ideas on local resource mobilisation;
* a forum where issues related to African philanthropy can be dis-
cussed and debated;
* a platform for sharing skills on resource mobilisation and fund-
* an opportunity for NGOs to network with each other around the sub-
ject of local resource mobilisation;
* a meeting point where NGOs can have planned encounters with the
private sector;
* launch the campaign - "Reviving the Culture of Giving" in Lesotho.

The theme for the 2003 workshop is "Making Local Resources Count".


A team of experienced trainers and practitioners from Lesotho, South
Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and the Resource Alliance will lead the
workshop sessions. The facilitators have been part of previous re-
gional workshops on philanthropy and domestic resource mobilisation
or are currently working on relevant resource mobilisation and fund-
raising initiatives. The sessions are highly participatory and, to
the extent possible, with a balanced mix of consensus-building ple-
nary sessions and skills sharing workshops - see workshop programme
and notes.

Target Group

Participants will consist of NGO leaders, senior staff and board mem-
bers, donors, representatives of the corporate sector and of relevant
government departments. Organisations may send any number of partici-
pants to the workshop.


Space will be provided at the National Convention Centre for partici-
pants to display, promote, and sell their products or services from
their organisations. As these workshops are usually well subscribed,
they represent an opportunity to share information and promote prod-
ucts and services. Organisations, companies wishing to take advantage
of this will be required to pay a nominal of fee of US $ 20 or the
equivalent in Maluti/Rands.


The organisers have made no provision for costs related to partici-
pant travel and accommodation. Travel and accommodation costs are
therefore the responsibility of the participants and/or their organi-
sations. Please also note the organisers do not provide any out of
pocket allowance. Participants are advised to budget for the following:
Registration fees: US $ 80 or R700.00 per person participating. Accom-
modation (BB): US $ 35 per night per person. Display fee: US
$ 20 per participating organisation. Please note the fees and other
costs are payable in US dollars or Maluti/Rands; 1 Maluti = 1 South
African Rand; 1 US Dollar = 8.635 Rands).


Annual resource mobilisation workshops are jointly organised by
MWENGO and its partners who consist of a mix of national regional and
international organisations committed to fundraising and resource mo-
bilisation. The Resource Alliance (formerly known as the Interna-
tional Fund Raising Group) has continued to provide financial support
for the workshop. MWENGO is working closely with Lesotho Council of
NGOs with the support of a coordination Task Team in the planning,
preparation of the workshop and the campaign launch.

To find out more contact:
MWENGO (att. T.S. Muyoya)
Tel +263-4-721-469
Fax +263-4-738-310

Lesotho Council of NGOs (att. Moshe Tsehlo,
Tel: +266-22-320-204 / +266-22-317-205
Fax: +266-22-310-412

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