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AFRO-NETS> Africa, some sobering numbers (10)

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Africa, some sobering numbers (10)
  • From: Maurice King <M.H.King@leeds.ac.uk>
  • Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 16:29:22 -0400 (EDT)

Africa, some sobering numbers (10)

A reply to Simona Sermoneta

Dear Simona,

I am a great admirer of Wackernagel and his footprints. I see that
Rwanda has a deficit of 0.1 ha and Malawi is in balance.

The problem is that if an agricultural community exceeds its carrying
capacity (too many people), it needs to be in increasing ecological
deficit to keep itself fed.

To be in deficit it needs to have an economy to provide the imports
to keep itself fed. If it does not have the imports or food aid it

See Section 2.7 on Rwanda in Primary Mother Care and Population on
the disentrapment website below.

With all possible good wishes!

Maurice King
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The University of Leeds
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