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AFRO-NETS> Supercourse Newsletter, November 5, 2003

  • Subject: AFRO-NETS> Supercourse Newsletter, November 5, 2003
  • From: Ron LaPorte <super1+@pitt.edu>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 11:15:26 -0500 (EST)

Supercourse Newsletter, November 5, 2003


Medical Detectives:

There were many who liked the concept of the Medical Detectives.
In the US there is an excellent TV show called Crime Scene Inves-
tigation (CSI), with the introductory song of ?Who are you? by
the great 60?s group the ?WHO?. It is fascinating as they sift
through forensic data to find out that a surfer was lifted from
his board and blown inland ½ mile to meet an untimely fate with a
BMW. It is quite interesting, using forensic data to find the
cause of the death.

Epidemiologists deserve our own TV show. Epidemiologists are also
?too cool?. The title must be ?Epidemiologists, the Medical De-
tectives?. Our theme song should also be by the WHO, we will use
the song Faith in Something bigger: ?We've got to have faith in
something bigger, faith in something bigger, Faith in something
big inside ourself?. (disclaimer to prevent being sued, WHO does
not stand for the World Health Organization).

There is a book by Berton Roueche titled ?the Medical Detec-
tives?, published in 1991 and available in Amazon. There were
short ?epidemiologic detective stories? that were most fascinat-
ing, with titles like ?eleven blue men?, ?a pig from Jersey?,
?swim in the Nile?. It is a captivating book and shows that epi-
demiology most certainly is not dull; rather it is the most ex-
citing medical and scientific discipline (of course we are not
prejudiced at all). We could have Sherlock Holmes Kabanov, Epide-
miology Detective from St. Petersburg, or Perry Mason Liu Xi Li,
the health sleuth from Henan China.


Supercourse presence at APHA Annual conference: APHA conference
will take place in San Francisco, November 15-19, 2003. Faina
will be presenting a poster titled ?Bridging South and North: De-
livering Public Health Education to Latin America and Caribbean?
in the International Health poster session. Poster session will
start at 4:30pm, November 18th (Moscone Hotel, Hall D). If any of
you are attending the conference and would like to learn more
about the Supercourse, please do not miss this opportunity. It
will be great to meet you and find further ways to collaborate!

Nicolas Padilla

One of the most helpful members of the Supercourse was just
elected to become a new member of the academy of professors and
alumni (government organism, maximum authority) in the University
of Guanajuato, Mexico. It is indeed an honor and we congratulate
him. Despite his new position, Nicolas is eager to follow his
work in the Supercourse and develop Latin American Women?s health

Lectures, we have lectures, we have lots and lots of lectures:

Eugene reports that we now have 1,522 lectures. Amazingly, the
pace quickens. Due try to make us happy by Jan. 1, and help us
leap over the 1,600 lecture barrier.

Epidemiology students: Thanks so much for finding outstanding
epidemiology students for us. We have had now almost 80 students
express an interest to become Epidemiology Sleuths.

Disasters: We are working to establish a Global Health Disaster
Network based upon the very successful FSU model that Eugene and
others developed. http://www.pitt.edu/~super1/national/index.htm.
Eric Noji, former head of disasters at CDC and WHO indicated that
in a disaster often it is a ?battle fog? in that there is not
sufficient epidemiologic data, and accurate data do not flow in
to the centers. Instead decisions are made by guess work. We pro-
pose to build something like what Eugene has established, but in
the area of disasters, where administrated epidemiologic are col-
lected. Should a disaster strike, we can then do just in time
networks, just in time data, and just in time lectures to get the
best possible prevention and mitigation knowledge to the people
who are interested. If you would like to join us, please send a
note to Ron LaPorte, mailto:super1+@pitt.edu.

Lecture of the week

E-health, e-patient, telemedicine, telehealth?.. If any of these
buzz words sound interesting for you, check out a new lecture by
Dr. Ricky Richardson from UK titled ?eHealth, eEurope, eVolu-
tion?. The lecture has two parts and can be accessed through
http://www.pitt.edu/~super1/lecture/lec12181/index.htm. As a
newly elected Vice-President of the International Society for
Telemedicine, Dr. Richardson is sharing his ideas about preven-
tive medicine of the future. The lecture also has interesting in-
formation about the growth of IT, the concept of eNursing, glob-
alization, healthcare delivery models, etc. If ever you have a
chance to see Dr. Richardson, his talks are outstanding and he
could be Ricky Daltry Richardson lead singer of the e-WHO group!!

"Supercourse member and utilization survey":

The Supercourse has thousands of lectures and is widely used.
However we do not yet understand how and which part users find
"useful". Is it the whole lectures, or parts of the lectures,
what would they like to see more of, what would they like to see
improved? We are contacting you to help us to continue to provide
stimulating material on the Supercourse. We have randomly se-
lected 800 members who will receive the survey some time next
week. Please take your 5 minutes and share your experiences and
thoughts with us for the Supercourse. EunRyoung Sa will obtain
her Ph.D. from this. She has done a wonderful job on the Super-
course, and it would be great if you could help her.

Have a happy fall as winter silently approaches the Northern

Best regards,

Ron, Faina, Mita, Eugene, Tomoko, Akira, Sunita, Seok-Won, Abed,
Rania and the rest of the Supercourse team

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