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[afro-nets] Looking for research reports on HIV-related stigma... (3)

  • Subject: [afro-nets] Looking for research reports on HIV-related stigma... (3)
  • From: Kimberly Baldwin Radford <kbr@radfordimages.com>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 12:07:25 +0300

Looking for research reports on HIV-related stigma... (3)

Dear Ms. Mavuso:

The following (edited) list of resources comes from page 17 of
last year's RFA #03-C-1 for Pact's Community REACH Project for
NGO HIV/AIDS Activities. As I recall, many of these resources
include additional bibliographic information, which would proba-
bly cover the kinds of studies that you need.

Appendix V: Links to References

Interventions to Reduce HIV/AIDS Stigma: What Have We Learned?
(Population Council, September 2001)

Horizons Research Update: Stigma and Discrimination (Populations
Council, January 2002)

UNAIDS: "From Principle to Practice: Greater Involvement of Peo-
ple Living with of Affected by HIV/AIDS (GIPA)" (September 1999)

Strategies for an Expanded and Comprehensive Response to a Na-
tional HIV/AIDS Epidemic:

USAID HIV/AIDS website: http://www.usaid.gov/pop_health/aids/

"Stigma and Global Health: Developing a Research Agenda." Sep-
tember 5-7, 2001 - NIH Fogarty International Center (FIC) con-

"Stigma, Discrimination, and the Future of HIV/AIDS Law, Policy,
and Advocacy." The American Bar Association presents a World
AIDS Day 2002 Roundtable; webcast on Kaiser Foundation Network

"HIV and AIDS related stigmatization, discrimination and denial:
forms, contexts and determinants: Research studies from Uganda
and India." UNAIDS, Geneva, June 2000

I would also search http://www.globalhealth.org for possible
leads on information. Here is one:

"Disentangling HIV and AIDS Stigma" This report unravels the
complexities around HIV/AIDS stigma by investigating the causes,
manifestations and consequences.
(from GHC's Weekly Update)

Since last year's World AIDS Day focused on S&D, I would check
out http://www.unaids.org to see what resources they recommended
at the time.

Lastly, my notes show that the World Bank has also done work-
shops (?) relating to S&D. Their site might have more informa-
tion. Here is an old link:

"Overcoming AIDS Stigma and Media Fatigue" The World Bank organ-
ized a distance-learning course that put developing countries in
charge of designing strategies to reduce stigma and discrimina-
(from GHC's Weekly Update)

All the best in your research,

Kim Baldwin Radford, MPH
International Health Consultant
Toamasina, Madagascar