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[afro-nets] Course: HIV/AIDS Program Planning

  • Subject: [afro-nets] Course: HIV/AIDS Program Planning
  • From: Jill Leonard <jleonard@s-3.com>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:41:44 -0500

Course: HIV/AIDS Program Planning

17-22 May, 2004
Cape Town, South Africa

The Synergy Project is pleased to announce its upcoming "Essen-
tials Course: HIV/AIDS Program Planning" scheduled for 17-22
May, 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa.

This course is designed to build capacity at the country level
for the management of expanded resources. It will assist program
managers to formulate effective HIV/AIDS and STI intervention
strategies, address priorities for rapid scale-up, use research-
to-practice approaches to inform programming decisions, and es-
tablish systems for Strategic Information including surveil-
lance, program improvement and health monitoring information

The course is based on The Synergy Project's five-module pro-
gramming cycle for Assessment, Strategic Planning, Program De-
sign, Implementation Monitoring, and Evaluation (APDIME) of
HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment interventions in the
context of scaling up programs to meet targets set by the U.S.
President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the World
Health Organization's 3 by 5 Initiative and UN General Assembly
Special Session on HIV/AIDS goals.

After completion of the course participants will be able to: use
the Synergy APDIME programming cycle to improve the strategic
management of HIV/AIDS programs, analyze program planning, re-
source allocation and accountability challenges, apply new
knowledge and skills to programming decisions; and identify
strategies and methods for using research to influence policy
and program design; and, exchange experiences, successes, and
lessons learned with colleagues.

The following professionals are encouraged to apply: those with
responsibility for HIV/AIDS program design, management and im-
plementation, particularly those looking to rapid scale-up,
whether funded by PEPFAR, the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis
and Malaria, or other mechanisms; NGO program managers; managers
of public- and private-sector HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treat-
ment, and impact mitigation programs; and representatives of
networks of people living with HIV/AIDS, faith-based organiza-
tions, and donors.

Applications are due by March 31, 2004. The cost for course reg-
istration is US$ 250. The course is limited to 40 participants.
To find out more and apply online, visit our course webpage at:

or contact:
Jocelyn McCree
The Synergy Project
Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.
Tel: +1-202-842-2939 Ext. 140