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[afro-nets] AIDS 'has killed 2m Nigerians' (3)

  • Subject: [afro-nets] AIDS 'has killed 2m Nigerians' (3)
  • From: Bily Futter <B.Futter@ru.ac.za>
  • Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 10:10:49 +0200
  • Priority: normal

AIDS 'has killed 2m Nigerians' (3)

AIDS: I have money will help address the causes and consequences
of HIV and AIDS but will not solve the problem.

There is the behaviour of people. Changing the behaviour of peo-
ple represents the greatest opportunity for making an impact on
the spread of this problem. Behaviour is contingent on the val-
ues and principles to which people subscribe. Those leaders who
are committed to making a difference should be striving to get
followers to clarify the values and principles that guide their
behaviour, inspiring commitment to those values and principles,
encouraging them to become accountable for their own and their
fellow community members to those values and principles. This
rational educational model does not address the fundamental
value issues nor the principles that guide their behaviour.

More emphasis should be placed on holding leaders accountable
for their roles. It might be a good idea to tie funding to an
audit of leader behaviour

Bily Futter