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[afro-nets] Health - Development Policy, Planning and Management Courses

  • Subject: [afro-nets] Health - Development Policy, Planning and Management Courses
  • From: Sanjoy K Nayak <sanjoy_k_nayak@yahoo.co.uk>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 16:52:01 +0100 (BST)

Health - Development Policy, Planning and Management: Intensiv

Centre for Development Studies
School of Social Sciences
University of Birmingham, UK

Intensive Courses to be delivered in 2004:

Training of Trainers: 1-week course: 12th to 16th July 2004
Health Service Planning & Management: 1-week: 19th to 23rd July 2004
Development Policy, Planning and Management: 11-weeks: 27th Sep-
tember to 10th December 2004

Course participants:

The Development Studies Course in Selly Oak was established in
1974. The courses are specially designed to meet the needs of
people working in many kinds of non-government and international
aid organisations as well as government departments. Postgradu-
ate Certificate in Development Policy, Planning and Management
is under development. The courses are unique in terms of their
learning and teaching strategies and courses covered (Health and
Social Development; Civil Society; and NGO Management). The par-
ticipants come mainly from:

Ø The staff of voluntary development associations, religious and
secular development programmes, and support agencies operating
at national and international level;
Ø Those whose work includes direct management responsibility for
development programmes run and managed by their national govern-
Ø People engaged in administering aid, either in developing
countries or in donor countries;
Ø Expatriates working, or preparing to work, with development
programmes in other countries;
Ø Community action groups and civil society organisations;
Ø Those engaged in education and the raising of awareness about
development and justice.

The programme encourages applications from women, minorities and
people with disabilities.

Course contents:

The Selly Oak Course in Development Policy, Planning and Manage-
ment is unique because each course is developed 'flexibly', ac-
cording to the particular needs and concerns of participants.
Main themes include the following and are linked to Course Mod-

Ø Understanding poverty, and the processes of underdevelopment
and development;
Ø Reviewing social and human development and social policy is-
sues in developing countries;
Ø Examining possibilities for social, political and economic
changes at all levels;
Ø Incorporating gender; and environmental issues in development
programmes and policies;
Ø Considering relationships among globalisation, the state and
civil society;
Ø Improving practical management skills in planning, budgeting,
implementation, and evaluation;
Ø Developing institutions and building capacity of organisations
including advocacy skills;
Ø Analysing the nature, sources, motives and effects of aid, and
the role of voluntary agencies;
Ø Exploring motivation and communication, and becoming more ef-
fective in working with others, handling conflict, problem-
solving and leadership.

Learning and teaching methods:

The course approach is based on parallels between adult learning
and the processes of development itself. Analysis of experience
from within the class is therefore a rich source of learning,
and importance is given to participatory learning methods
throughout the course. The study methods are intensive and par-
ticipatory. The course also works with a variety of practical
case studies and film materials from developing countries.

These methods include discussion in large and small groups, con-
cept presentations and formal lectures, recommended reading,
case studies, programmed and structured exercises, role play,
simulations, group-work, video films, external visits, and indi-
vidual and group assignments. Methods are constantly inter-
changed to provide stimulus, to reinforce learning and to meet
individual needs.


Development Policy, Planning and Management

Module 1:
Development Theory, Policy and Practice
International Relations and Trade; Civil Society and NGOs

Module 2:
Planning and Management of Organisations
Development Co-operation, Capacity-Building and Partnership

Module 3:
Participatory Project Planning and Management
Working in the Community; Gender and Development

Module 4:
Specialist Options for Research Projects:
Social Development & Policy; Poverty & Participation; Health &

Current Fees:

Total cost £ 4,400 (tuition fees, use of facilities of both the
main and Selly Oak campus of the University of Birmingham, all
field visits and training materials). Accommodation costs on
campus will differ but range from approximately £ 1, 600 to £
1,900 for accommodation and all meals. There is a very limited
amount of self-catering accommodation available on campus at a
cost of approximately £ 700. In addition, it is recommended that
participants should be provided with a personal allowance of at
least £ 65 per week to cover the purchase of warm clothing,
books and items of personal expenditure.

Announcement of two new 1-week intensive courses

Ø Training of Trainers (ToT)

This short intensive 1-week course provides an opportunity for
development managers to understand and practice the processes
and skills of adult education and human development to help them
improve their managerial, training and development competencies.
It applies adult learning theory and relates it through experi-
ential learning methods to practice. The course explores the ge-
neric management skills of facilitation, communication, presen-
tation, coaching, mentoring and training effectively.

Course fees: £ 600 (including training materials)
Dates: 12th - 16th July 2004

Ø Health Service Planning & Management (HSM)

This short intensive 1-week course provides an introduction to
techniques of health service planning and management in develop-
ing and transitional countries. Health planning is the process
by which decisions are made as to which health services should
be provided, where and how. The course specifically focuses on
planning and management of delivery effectiveness, equity and
community participation.

Course fees: £ 600 (including training materials)
Dates: 19th - 23rd July 2004

Both the courses are best taken along with the Centre's 11-week
intensive course on 'Development Policy, Planning and Manage-
ment'. However, each can be studied independently, for which
previous experience in international development is required.
Teaching methods include presentations, group work, individual
work, training practice and videos.


Many overseas aid agencies in Europe and North America have
given financial support to course participants in the past. Dif-
ferent donors have varying application procedures, but almost
all of them require that an applicant should first obtain the
firm recommendation of his or her employing organisation. The
chance of a favourable response is greatly increased if the ap-
plicant's organisation is already collaborating with the donor
agency in existing development programmes. Requests for scholar-
ship support should be submitted directly to the donor agencies.
However, once we have received a completed application form we
might be able to offer advice on possible sources of sponsor-
ship. We have only a very limited number of fully-funded schol-
arships and fee-concession bursaries available.

Applications and Further details:

Application forms are available on request from the Departmental
office as given below. Urgent enquiries may be sent by fax or e-

Wendy Banner
Course Administrator, Development Studies
The University of Birmingham
Selly Oak Campus
Elmfield House, Bristol Road
Birmingham B29 6LQ, UK
Tel: +44-121-415-2295
Fax: +44-121-415-2296