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[afro-nets] Feedback on HIV Stigma Toolkit

  • Subject: [afro-nets] Feedback on HIV Stigma Toolkit
  • From: Carmen Coles <ccoles@smtp.aed.org>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 17:56:59 -0400

Feedback on HIV Stigma Toolkit

The Support for Analysis and Research in Africa (SARA) project
is seeking feedback on the "Understanding and Challenging HIV
Stigma" toolkit developed by the CHANGE Project. We would like
to find out which exercises are effective and which exercises
need to be improved, so we can modify the toolkit and translate
it into French.

If you or your organization has used the toolkit, your input is
vital. Please fill out the feedback form at the following link:

Please complete the form by Friday, July 02, 2004.

Thank you.

Carmen Coles
Program Officer
Child Survival Public Policy and Research
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Academy for Educational Development
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