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[afro-nets] Request for Online Volunteer Correspondents

  • Subject: [afro-nets] Request for Online Volunteer Correspondents
  • From: A Odutola <chpss_abo@yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:46:24 -0700 (PDT)
  • Cc:

2004 Bangkok AIDS conference - Request for Online
Volunteer Correspondents

The 2004 XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, July 11-16
is almost here and in keeping with its recently launched tradi-
tion of coverage of similar conferences; e.g. the 2003 Nairobi
AIDS conference, Datelinehealth-Africa.net (DLHA.net) wishes to
cover the conference proceedings for its target audiences in Af-

DLHA.net (http://www.dlha.net/betav1.0) is a leading health por-
tal providing communication platform and open access to credible
health information for general consumers, academicians, stu-
dents, health professionals, managers and policy audiences in
the Africa region.

On behalf of the Board and Editor of the portal, I write to in-
vite Expression of Interest (EOI) from at least ten (10) indi-
viduals who are attending the conference and are willing to
serve as Online Volunteer Correspondents. These are non-
remunerative and non-formal positions. However, Volunteers will
be recognized and duly acknowledged through the posting of their
respective photo and profile to the appropriate page of the DLHA

Five (5) Volunteers are desired to cover the abstract-driven
sessions of the conference with one Volunteer selected for each
track as shown below:
Track A: Basic Science
Track B: Clinical Research, Treatment and Care
Track C: Epidemiology and Prevention
Track D: Social and Economic Issues
Track E: Policy and Program Implementation

Another lot of five (5) Volunteers are desired to cover the non-
abstract driven sessions, with one Volunteer for each of the
following sessions:
a) Morning Plenary sessions
b) Invited Bridging sessions
c) Rapporteur sessions
d) Skills Building Workshops
e) 'Leadership Endeavour' sessions

[Visit: http://www.aids2004.org/ for more information about the
conference and sessions.]

Volunteers may be individuals/nationals of any country and pro-
fessional affiliation. Non-professionals are also welcome to ex-
press interest. The core conditions for acceptance of Volunteers
include: a) easy access to the Internet, b) demonstrated ability
to write clearly in English and c) a disciplined commitment to
prompt filing of dispatches which may be more than one daily.

All interested persons should respond by completing the form be-
low and e-mail promptly but not later than July 7, 2004:



First Name:
Middle Initial:
Professional Affiliation (if any):
Do you read and write well in English?
Would you have easy Internet access at the conference?
Which sessions would you like to cover? [Please see above]:
Describe yourself in no more than 100 words as you would like to
see it on the DLHA web portal:


Kind regards

A. Odutola
Centre for Health Policy & Strategic Studies (CHPSS)
Lagos, Nigeria