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[afro-nets] Exodus of African Nurses...(2)

  • Subject: [afro-nets] Exodus of African Nurses...(2)
  • From: Dr M S Abdullah <abdullah@mediplan.or.ke>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 17:37:59 +0300

Exodus of African Nurses...(2)

What African countries need to do is to realise reality and turn
it into an opportunity instead of mourning about it. We have
mourned for years and it has not helped because it is a question
of willing offer and willing acceptor. Instead, we should find
out how many health care workers (instead of just nurses alone)
do we ourselves need and what is the demand for export.

Gear ourselves towards increasing production for both home con-
sumption and for export. Some few African countries are already
doing that and Egypt alone is making US$ 5 billion annually by
exporting its manpower abroad. India, Pakistan, Philippines, are
also doing the same.

The returns for this investment are in fact lucrative and let us
exploit the market instead of stiffling the process, which we
cannot control.

Dr. Mohamed Abdullah