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[afro-nets] Maternal/neonatal experts - design and engineering solutions

  • From: Justin Yarrow <jyarrow@hms.harvard.edu>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 19:06:34 -0500

Maternal/neonatal experts - design and engineering solutions

Dear all,

We're looking for contacts - particularly those with maternal
and neonatal health experience - to help us solve problems and
disseminate solutions.

"Design That Matters" (DtM) is a non-profit product design and
engineering organization that is looking for contacts who would
like to contribute their expertise and experience to help tackle
concerns and problems of people living in developing countries.
Details and a link are below.

In short, we develop and disseminate appropriate technology so-
lutions to problems that individuals, communities, and NGOs have
presented to us. We work hand-in-hand with the people and NGOs
that will use the solutions to develop tools and products that
will best fit their needs.

We are specifically looking for individuals and organizations
that could speak to the major areas where engineering and design
solutions could positively affect maternal and neonatal health
care e.g. an inexpensive, low-energy neonatal incubator, inex-
pensive vital signs monitoring devices, etc. We are also inter-
ested in talking to people with any problem, or potential solu-
tion, that could be tackled by our approach.

If you are interested in talking to us in any capacity, please
email Justin Yarrow mailto:jyarrow@post.harvard.edu

Thank you very much,

Justin Yarrow, PhD
HMS work: +1-617-432-4953
DtM work: +1-617-682-3623
mobile: +1-617-699-2172

Design That Matters:

Design That Matters (DtM) (http://www.designthatmatters.org) is
a non-profit product design and engineering organization born
out of MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) that
takes problems and technical challenges suggested by individu-
als, NGOs, and communities in developing countries and uses vol-
unteer professionals as well as engineering, design, and busi-
ness university students to suggest solutions. DtM then com-
pletes the circle by working with communities, manufacturers,
and NGOs to ensure that solutions end up in the hands of the
people for which they were intended.