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[afro-nets] New Features of the SHARingpoint web site

  • From: Agnes Soares <Soares@NWO.NL>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 12:48:37 +0200

New Features of the SHARingpoint web site

Dear All,

I have the pleasure to contact you in behalf of the SHARED (Sci-
entists for Health and Research for Development) Network to in-
troduce some new features of our website, the SHARingpoint site:
http://www.sharingpoint.net. It has been already some time since
we first offered the possibility for the users to register in
"My SHARingpoint" (gateway at the right side on the SHARingpoint
website) to receive messages when health news matching the
user's interest profile would be added to our site. In our ef-
fort to improve the access to validated information to develop-
ing countries, now, when the user defines a search profile,
he/she will also be presented with the additional choice of re-
ceiving Medline abstracts and/or online journals of BioMedCen-
tral in the e-mail alert messages.

The user can change the SHARingpoint service account or queries
and also the sensitivity of the matching (low or high) at any
time. The access to full text will depend though, on the owner
of the information. For journals of limited access, we suggest
to use the WHO HINARI site http://www.healthinternetwork.org, an
initiative to promote free access to literature on public health
to developing countries. The user must check if he/she is enti-
tled to register for their service. The SHARingpoint will help
to automatically find articles of interest and the HINARI may
help to give access to full text - and not only the abstract -
if it is not publicly available. Soon both initiatives will be
linked to facilitate the search; we are already working in this

As you will notice, "My SHARingpoint" is a very special tool
that has no costs for the user and can help health professionals
and researchers to keep up to date with health news and with
peer-review literature.

An additional advantage is that when the user receives the alert
message, the link will lead directly to the information source.
This saves time of search using Internet connection, what might
help people with expensive lines (you don't have to go to the
SHARingpoint to open the link that comes with the e-mail).

Please use the SHARED SHARingpoint and the e-mail alert service
and reproduce this message to all potential users at your or-

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact the
SHARED Secretariat at mailto:info@sharingpoint.net

Hope you will enjoy the new service,

Agnes Soares, MD, MPH
SHARED Executive Secretary
SHARED - Scientists for Health and Research for Development
NWO/IB - Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research
Department of International Relations
P.O. Box 93120
2509 AC The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel. +31-70-3440849
Fax: +31-70-3819874