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[afro-nets] Open Learning on Enteric Pathogens

  • From: Salvatore Rubino <rubino@uniss.it>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 09:28:17 +0100

Open Learning on Enteric Pathogens

Dear Friends of the Open Learning on Enteric Pathogens website,
new lectures are available in the web site:

Participation of nitric oxide in the protective immunity induced
against Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis
M. Cristina Cerquetti, Monica N. Giacomodonato, Argentina; The
lectures provides experimental data on the contribution of ni-
tric oxide to immune innate and adaptive response to Salmonella.

Plasmid in Salmonella enterica
Rychlik Ivan, Czech Republic; A lesson on the general features
of Salmonella plasmids and their contribution to virulence, an-
tibiotic resistance, and phage resistance.

Cholera, global health and lessons learned from Peru.
Jaime Miranda and Walter H. Curioso, Perù; The lecture defines
environmental, clinical, molecular and epidemiological issues of
V. cholerae and outlines how the occurrence and spreading of
Cholera disease may depend on political, economic, and cultural
global factors.

Inflammation at first sight: the encounter of Salmonella and in-
testinal epithelial cells
Renato Lima dos Santos,Brazil; The lecture describes the mo-
lecular basis and the kinetics of interaction between Salmonella
and the intestinal tissue with an emphasis on epithelial pro-
inflammatory response.

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