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[afro-nets] We need your Help for our HIV/AIDS Programme

  • From: Peter Chunke <pnchunke@yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 06:51:30 -0800 (PST)

We need your Help for our HIV/AIDS Programme

Dear All,

We are looking out for people and organisations that can provide
us with information and support in setting up a treatment centre

We are a Christian health services system in Cameroon, compris-
ing four hospitals and over thirty health centre run by the
Presbyterian Church in Cameroon. These centres are spread over
the national territory. We consult an average of one hundred pa-
tients a day in one of these centres situated in the metropoli-
tan city of Douala, Cameroon. Inevitably, we see several thou-
sands of cases with HIV/AIDS many of whom could benefit from
antiretroviral therapy. The majority of cases end up dying with-
out treatment. It is here in Douala that we wish to set up the
first treatment centre for HIV/AIDS, within our healthcare de-
livery system.

The present dispensation set out by the Cameroonian government
falls far short in both quality (frequent drug stock outs, bu-
reaucracy) and coverage. A few private clinics have started ARV
treatment programs, but these are too expensive for the people
we serve. We wish to complement the government efforts.

Because of the large number of patients we see each day, and
their trust in our services, a treatment centre will go a long
way in improving the health status of affected persons and in
reducing the terrible stigma attached to the disease.

We wish to have information and/or support in:

* Training of our personnel in ARV therapy. (physicians, clini-
cal officers, nurses ) Diploma, Certificate courses, Seminars.

* Training of our laboratory personnel in the laboratory diagno-
sis, pre-therapy screening tests and the handling/use of related

* Information on how to acquire relevant laboratory equipment
and drugs for the programme. (CD4 counter, etc.)

Dr. Chunke Peter
Medical Officer incharge
Presbyterian Health Centre Douala
B.P. 17144, Douala
Tel: +237-340-9837 (Office)
Tel: +237-347-7368 (Home)
Mobile: +237-774-8447