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[afro-nets] New Photoshare Website Launched

  • From: Margaret D'Adamo <MDADAMO@jhuccp.org>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 16:32:22 -0500

New Photoshare Website Launched

The INFO Project Announces the New Photoshare Website! Photo-
share, a service of The INFO Project helping non-profits commu-
nicate global health and development issues through photography,
is pleased to announce the launch of the new Photoshare website,
available at: http://www.photoshare.org

Photoshare users will find many helpful new website features,
including: practical, illustrated photography and imaging tips;
photographer spotlights; and information on how to share photos.
Now it's even easier to access and contribute to Photoshare's
growing collection of development photography. Visit the new
Photoshare website today!

Peggy D'Adamo - Manager, Networking
The INFO Project - http://www.infoforhealth.org
111 Market Place, Suite 310
Baltimore, MD 21202, USA
Tel: +1-410-659-6256
Fax: +1-410-659-6266

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