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[afro-nets] Free Weekly Public Health Newsletter

  • From: Dieter Neuvians MD <neuvians@mweb.co.za>
  • Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 14:04:05 +0200

Free Weekly Public Health Newsletter

Dear colleagues,

We have been publishing a newsletter called "Health, Population,
and Nutrition News & Notes" for GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für
Technische Zusammenarbeit) health department since 1998. Meant
initially as a GTZ-internal communication tool we have recently
opened up the subscriber base for everybody interested in the
weekly newsletter.

The publication is between 15 and 20 pages in Adobe PDF format -
not larger than 350 kB and deals with summaries of books, online
publications, electronic resources, web pages, training opportu-
nities, conferences and computer and internet tips & tricks.

Since October 2002 each issue of HPN-News & Notes has been ar-
chived on the internet and can be retrieved at:
where xx is the issue number and yy is the year, e.g. /hpn-11-
03.pdf is the issue Nr. 11 in 2003. The latest issue is always
available at:

Before subscribing it might be a good idea to look at one of the
issues and decide afterwards whether you would like to receive
the newsletter in future.

You can subscribe for free to the newsletter by sending an e-
mail to:
with the following command in the body of your e-mail message:

subscribe hpn-news-notes

If you ever want to remove yourself from the mailing list, you
can send an e-mail to:
with the following command in the body of your e-mail message:

unsubscribe hpn-news-notes

Best regards,
Dieter Neuvians