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[afro-nets] ACRiA Announcement for Forth Round Funding

  • From: Zamukama Mwetex Grace <acria@jcrc.co.ug>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 12:43:37 +0300

ACRiA Announcement for Forth Round Funding

Dear AFRO-NETS members

Happy New Year.

AIDS Care Research in Africa (ACRiA) under African Dialogue on
AIDS Care (ADAC) based at Joint Clinical Research Centre(JCRC)
funded by Rockefeller Foundation (RF) and Doris Duke Charitable
Foundation (DDCF) has successfully concluded three rounds previ-
ously advertised by giving awards to 11 applicants.

Due to the enthusiasm and excitement created by ACRiA among the
young African researchers the funders (RF & DDCF) have agreed to
fund the forth round.

Please you are invited to apply and send the announcement to
many friends and Institutions as you could. The announcement is
available on JCRC website (http://www.jcrc.co.ug). Clicking ADAC
on the display page leads you to ACRiA announcement. It will
also be put on DDCF website (http://www.ddcf.org).

Thanking you in advance,

Zamukama Mwetex Grace
ADAC/ACRiA Coordinator
Mobile +256-77-853-420