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[afro-nets] Young African Scientists Network (YASNET)

  • From: Deus Ishengoma <dishengoma@nimr.or.tz>
  • Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 18:04:58 +0300 (EAT)

Young African Scientists Network (YASNET)

I wish to thank all AFRO-NETS members for the enormous responses
following my request for capacity building literature. I also
appreciate the requests for more information about YASNET.

Since our website is still under construction, I wish to send
the information below which is from the announcement that we
usually send to all potential members. I have also included the
registration form. Anyone who wants to register to YASNET can
fill it in and send as an attachment to me.

Deus Ishengoma


Young African Scientists Network in Health Research (YASNET)

c/o National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR)
Ocean Road, P.O. Box 9653
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


YASNET was founded by 22 young African scientists from 8 African
countries who attended a malaria research methodology training
workshop at Arusha, Tanzania from 5th -11th October 2003. The
objectives of YASNET are:
1. To bring together all young African Scientists in Health Re-
search in the fight against the challenges facing the health
sector in Africa.

2. To help in the development of capacity of Young African Sci-
entists in the Health Sector

3. To form a strong network and information sharing system among
Young African Scientists in Health Research

4. To establish a mechanism to enable Young African Scientists
in Health research to work together through collaborative multi-
centric research projects or by any other means.

YASNET is run by a secretariat of nine members with its head-
quarters at NIMR in Dar es Salaam. It is supported by three pa-
trons (Drs Andew Kitua - NIMR, Tanzania, Aggrey Oloo and Magda
Robalo - WHO/AFRO, Zimbabwe) and six advisors (Profs. W. Kilama
and M. Akogbeto and Drs Fred Binka, Halima Mwenesi, Tom Sukwa
and Francine Ntoumi).

YASNET membership is open to all health research scientists with
age of less than 45 years. Currently, it has over 130 members
throughout Africa. You are warmly invited to join the network by
filling in the registration form below.

For more information mailto:deusishe@yahoo.com, or


Registration Form


Other name(s):


Academic qualifications:




Full Address:


Phone number(s):


Area(s) of Research:

Professional Training required (e.g. MSc/PhD):

Other training required (e.g. Research methodology/proposal de-