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[afro-nets] Food for a provoking thought!

  • From: Niagia Santuah <nsantuah@pcaccra.org>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 15:55:18 -0700

Food for a provoking thought!

Director General of GHS Moonlights in UK
Source: Ghanaweb June 01, 2005

The Director General of the Ghana Health Service, Prof. Agyemang
Badu Akosah has revealed that he takes a genuine leave and goes
to the United Kingdom (UK) to work for some more money.

Akosah, a past president of the Ghana Medical Association, ad-
mitted that anytime he takes a leave of duty, he goes to the UK
to work and earns not less than £2,000 - a week (33 million

Speaking to Peace FM, Akosah said that he is compelled to do
this because, his pensionable salary, as Director-General, is
three point two-five (¢3.025) million cedis. He said other al-
lowances computed to this put his salary at close to ¢9million.

He said several efforts by the three major groupings in the
Ghana Health Service to negotiate with government on their con-
ditions of service are apparently yielding no results. This
therefore means that only the patriotic doctors could chose to
stay and work in Ghana in spite of their poor working condi-

Santuah Niagia