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[afro-nets] Brain Drain and HIV/AIDS - recommended reading

  • From: Jemima Tonks <Jemima.Tonks@scidev.net>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 16:40:29 +0100

Brain Drain and HIV/AIDS - recommended reading

In response to AFRO-NETS Digest, Vol 3, Issue 63 I would like to
mention SciDev.Net's 'dossier' on 'Brain Drain' as a useful on-
line resource providing an overview for those who wish to expand
their knowledge on this subject: Efforts to counteract the emi-
gration of highly skilled personnel remain hotly pursued around
the world. But while some countries suffer the consequences of
the so-called "brain drain", others are beginning to reap its
potential benefits. This dossier provides news, analysis, com-
mentary and background information on the current situation.

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Also of relevance is the quick-guide to HIV/AIDS:

Preventing infection and caring for the sick remain key to the
fight against HIV - a crisis fuelled by a combination of pov-
erty, behaviour and biology. Attention therefore continues to
focus on science for solutions. Find out how this quick guide
can build your knowledge base about the scientific issues in-
volved. It includes topical news on the issues, and a range of
opinion and feature articles.

Please note that SciDev.Net (www.scidev.net) is a FREE access
website. Incidentally, have you registered for SciDev.Net's free
weekly e-mail alert, containing a full listing of all new mate-
rial posted on our website? You can do so at:

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