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[afro-nets] African Youth HIV/AIDS Best Practice Hand Book

  • From: Dabesaki Mac-Ikemenjima <dabesaki@yahoo.com>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 18:40:08 -0700 (PDT)

African Youth HIV/AIDS Best Practice Hand Book: Call for Projects

Development Partnership International
http://www.developmentpartnership.org , ActALIVE
http://www.actalive.org. and the International Federation of
Medical Students Associations, Standing Committee on Reproduc-
tive Health including HIV/AIDS http://www.ifmsa.org, invite
youth-led HIV/AIDS projects throughout Africa to be included in
the first ever African Youth HIV/AIDS Best Practices Handbook.

This initiative is part of a broader project through which the
organisations involved wish to gather data on the work of young
people in the region, for the purpose of showcasing outstanding
initiatives at major international events and decision-making
forums, providing support and encouragement for these and other
youth-led efforts, and creating a centralized body of informa-
tion which can be tapped for a variety of purposes, from greater
youth networking and collaboration to policy formulation at the
national, regional, and international levels.

In addition, it is intended to celebrate the innovativeness of
youth, and justify the need for their participation in major de-
cision-making processes, as our goal is to clearly indicate that
youth efforts do make a big difference with regard to addressing
HIV/AIDS and reproductive health.

Approximately 100 projects will be profiled in the handbook,
which we hope to present at the XIV International Conference on
AIDS and STI in Africa, being held between the 5th-9th December
in Abuja, Nigeria.

All projects submitted for consideration must be youth-led, have
been carried out within the last three years, and should demon-
strate a positive impact on the community where they are opera-
tional, and/or on the issue they has been created to address.
Information requested includes a short abstract on the project,
timeline, number of beneficiaries, team and sustainability.

The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2005.

If you have questions or to request an application, please con-
tact Oluwatosin Omole mailto:tosinom@yahoo.com, Mpaka Lawson
mailto:mpaka@developmentpartnership.org, or Janet Feldman at

Project Nomination Form

Name of Organisation:
Contact Person(s):
Email of Contact Person(s):
Website (if any):
Project Title:
Abstract/ Project Summary (500 words max):
How many years has this project been in operation, and is it on-
going now:
How many people form the project team:
Where is this project being implemented:
How many people have benefited from this project (approximate
number if available):
What issue is this project meant to address:
Are the arts or some creative process or activities involved:
Was this project donor funded: Yes/ No
If Yes, state name of donor:
If No, how have funds been obtained (if funds have been used):
Do you intend to continue this project:
If no, how do you hope to share knowledge and experience gained
from this project:

Please give any other relevant related to the project:

I ______________________ do hereby attest that the information
above is correct and accept that by filling this form, I permit
DPI, ACTALIVE and IFMSA SCORA to document and disseminate the
contents therein as part of the HIV/AIDS Best Practices Project.

Dabesaki Mac-Ikemenjima
Director, Development Partnership International
Rivers State HIV/AIDS Resource Center
9-11 Emenike Street Mile II Diobu
Port Harcourt 500001, Nigeria
Tel: +234-805-518-2526