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[afro-nets] World Bank VP Links Health & International Development

  • From: Kathleen Ford <kford@projecthope.org>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 12:59:58 -0400

World Bank Official Addresses Funding, Organization of Health

Organizing health systems and financing continues to present the
biggest challenges as international aid officials try to reduce
the burden of such global diseases as HIV/AIDS and malaria, a
top World Bank official says in an interview published today on
the Health Affairs Web site.

You can read the interview at

Jean-Louis Sarbib, senior vice president for human development
at the World Bank, says that the Bank has increased its spending
for HIV/AIDS twentyfold in a single decade, but the growing
flood of funding has strained its ability to get resources to
the field when "underdeveloped" health systems are dealing with
multiple health problems. Sarbib also says that developing
health systems and eliminating disease are not simply goals of
the World Bank, but part of the Bank's approach to economic de-
velopment of poorer nations to spur investment.

Health Affairs is pleased to make this interview freely avail-
able to listserv members for two weeks.

Kathleen Ford