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[afro-nets] Call for Submissions to New Arts and MDGs Publication

  • From: Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink.net>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 14:34:03 -0500

Call for Submissions to New Arts and MDGs Publication:
"art'ishake" (deadline 1-Nov-05)

Arts for Global Development, Inc. (Art4Development.Net), in con-
junction with the international arts coalition, ActALIVE
(www.actalive.org), is pleased to announce the debut of a new
arts journal called "art'ishake", which will focus on the Mil-
lennium Development Goals (MDGs), youth empowerment, peace-
building and conflict resolution, cultural heritage and diver-
sity, "edutainment" to address HIV/AIDS, and much more.

We welcome submissions of all kinds: essays, research, projects,
events, artwork, poetry, scripts, news, and related material.
Please read more about "art'ishake" below, and see more about
the journal at http://www.art4development.net/home.html .

Art4Development.Net, co-organizer of "Vision 2015: Your Future"
Youth Arts Contest (in conjunction with TakingITGlobal and the
UN Millennium Campaign), is also seeking exhibition venues
around the world for the show, which features the work of young
people from a number of countries and in a variety of media. For
more details please see

For more information on "art'ishake", see below, and to submit
materials write to artishake@art4development.net. Thanks so
much, and here's to a whole lotta art-shakin' going on! Janet
Feldman, ActALIVE, kaippg@earthlink.net


Call for Submissions: Deadline November 01, 2005

art'ishake welcomes participants to submit papers, articles,
news, images of artworks, and announcements on arts and develop-
ment issues.

art'ishake is a brand new publication intending to address in-
terdisciplinary and inter-sectoral issues in tandem with arts
and development. The purpose with 'art'ishake' is to provide an
open, collaborative, and learning approach to creative and de-
velopment sector, share experiences and views from different
perspectives, present 'how-tos' through the exchange of best-
practice examples, inspire, and add 'knowledge-based' value to
the positive-creative change process!

art'ishake would like to invite individuals and organizations to
share and explore together the value created, and help inspire
each other particularly to address the needs of our global soci-
ety and overcome the challenges of underdevelopment. art'ishake
aims to provide an outlet for interdisciplinary and interna-
tional exploration of the concepts and practices of creative and
arts-infused development projects.

Submission Areas:

- News, Experiences, Events, Projects, and Opinions on Millen-
nium Development Goals [MDGs], in particular as these relate to
the arts and to creativity.

- Research and white-papers on arts, human development, as well
as the impact within the local, national, and international com-
munity [Theoretical, methodological, economic, international and
intercultural approaches to and perspectives on arts and devel-
opment, and more]

- Auto-story by artists who create artworks and/or conduct work-
shops aiming for social impact, particularly those that relate
to MDGs

- Auto-story by non-profit and/or for-profit organizations who
utilize arts to create change and improve community

- Announcements on support material and partnership opportuni-
ties such as funding possibilities, awards, grants, fellowships,
cause-related arts exhibitions and benefit events, workshops,
trainings, publications, etc.

- Artworks and brief concept paragraphs [images of any type and
style of artworks/photographs, paintings, cartoon, 3D... Please
mention the material used, titles, purpose/theme]

- Poetry, scripts, and short stories [max. 1200 words] related
to arts and MDGs, cultural heritage and diversity; youth empow-
erment, conflict resolution and peace building, and more.

art'ishake is developed by Arts For Global Development, Inc
[Art4Development.Net] and in partnership with ActALIVE. If you
are interested in submitting material and/or becoming a contrib-
uting partner please mailto:artishake@art4development.net
URL: http://www.art4development.net