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[afro-nets] Mosquito/Malaria Control (26)

  • From: Bill Nesler <sdbc@hur.midco.net>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 08:24:40 -0500

Mosquito/Malaria Control (26)

Hi Elia,

You almost have it right. The proper use of bednets in malaria
control call for their use to isolate a person suffering from an
active malaria attack from the mosquito. This is especially true
after some of the recent research showing that the malaria para-
site actually makes the victim more palatable to the mosquito.

The attempts to use bednets as the first, and really only, line
of defense is a waste of time at best and criminal at it's
worst. There are too many human variables associated with the
bednet issue.

Also, I would like to see some solid data on the feeding habits
of the anopheles showing that they don't feed outside and that
they will wait for people to go to bed before biting. So far
I've not seen anything of this nature. This malaria problem
should fall under the general heading of "Human Rights". There
is no greater right than that to life.


Bill Nesler