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[afro-nets] Mosquito/Malaria Control (32)

  • From: Kris Dev <krisdev@gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 17:00:13 +0530

Mosquito/Malaria Control (32)

I think what Dr. Isaac says has a lot of sense in it. I shall
vote for his idea.

A multi pronged approach - local herbs, mosquito repellants,
spraying and bed nets could be a good combination. The efficacy
of which has to be studied in the long term and improvements
made or wastages reduced in each area.

We tried using mosquito nets in coastal India. The weather is
already awful, stuffy and sticky - more inside a net - suffoca-
tion; some have a phobia of net!!

We use goodnight liquid or mat or worse some burning coil which
emits smoke - and make us cough most of the time!!!

But these are better than getting malaria!!

Can anyone help to prepare a clear and objective action plan
without any partisan feelings, except for the true eradication
of malaria in urban, semi-urban, rural, etc areas?

Thanks in advance to the good Samaritans.

Kris Dev