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[afro-nets] 10th International Women and Health Meeting (2)

  • From: Kris Dev <krisdev@gmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 23:18:28 +0530

10th International Women and Health Meeting (2)


I appreciate what you have written about the conference on In-
ternational Women and Health meeting.

You have stated, 1,000 participants from around the world par-

I am just wondering, in these days of advancement of ICT, is it
really necessary for so many people to spend so much of their
valuable time, energy and money to attend the conference physi-
cally! Could they have not met virtually and saved so much of
man-hours and money and instead help fund some deserving commu-

How many of those attended, would have spent their personal
money to attend the conference? How many were spending their or-
ganization/Government/NGO money, which is actually the tax
payer's money?!!

Just imagine how many international conferences would have been
held in the last 50 years and the amount spent by international
experts in jetting around. Could not this money have been better
utilised, than for the pleasure of meeting a few, by a few?

Can we put an end to such international conferences, and start
making full use of ICT facilities and D Groups for the interna-
tional virtual conferences where probably 10,000 can join, con-
tribute and learn!!

I want to hear from you and others what you think.

Kris Dev with Peter Burgess
International Transparency and Accountability Network