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[afro-nets] Global Health Watch Update - 11 October 2005

  • From: Global Health Watch <ghw@medact.org>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 19:09:22 +0200

Global Health Watch Update - 11 October 2005

Mobilising Civil Society around an Alternative World Health Re-

Please pass on this newsletter to anybody that might be inter-
ested in the GHW


GHW 2 and move of secretariat to South Africa!

Plans for the Global Health Watch 2007-2008 (GHW2) are underway
which include a move of the secretariat to the Global Equity
Gauge Alliance (GEGA) office at the Health Systems Trust in
South Africa in October. The secretariat will be led by Antio-
nette Ntuli and Bridget Lloyd of GEGA with the support of David
Sanders from the University of the Western Cape. Thanks to
Medact for hosting the GHW1 secretariat for the last two years.

The GHW2 will be coordinated by a coalition of GEGA, Medact and
the People?s Health Movement (PHM) together with a new partner -
the Health Research and Consultancy Centre (CEAS) based in
Quito, Ecuador. We would like to encourage movements, activist
organisations, NGOs and academic institutions who are active and
interested in the broad themes of the GHW (globalisation, health
care, social determinants of health, monitoring of global insti-
tutions that govern international health policy) to participate
in the process of producing GHW2. We are planning a consultation
process to invite comment on the themes suggested for GHW2. If
you are interested in joining the collaboration - contact

Latin American Health Watch 2!

A Latin American Health Watch 2007-2008 (LAHW2) is also planned
and will be led by CEAS in Ecuador. CEAS is the key GHW contact
for the Latin America region.

Spin-offs from GHW 2005-2006!

There has been much interest and enthusiasm to follow on some of
the key themes from the GHW1 report. Notable activities are:

* the production of a book based on the chapter Global influ-
ences on people?s health

* Medact is looking to develop a project on climate change and

* COHRED has made a booklet out of the Health research chapter
and presented it at the Forum for Health Research in Mumbai

* The GHW Secretariat are planning to produce popular versions
of several of the key chapters of GHW1

* The GHW Secretariat is planning advocacy work around the WHO
and health systems chapters of GHW1

* Country watches in a number of countries are planned ? more on
this in the next newsletter.

If you have used or are planning to use the GHW for teaching
purposes or for future projects we would really like to know ?
send a message to mailto:ghw@medact.org

GHW launches still to come!

Launches have been held so far in London, Cuenca, the Nether-
lands, France, Italy, Germany and Australia. Launches are
planned for Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, India, Canada, Egypt,
Serbia and Montenegro, Malaysia, USA, Pakistan, South Africa,
Greece, Iran, Spain and Sweden. To get involved in launches
planned or to hold your own launch please contact us at

Please pass on this newsletter to anybody that might be inter-
ested in the GHW