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[afro-nets] Workshop: Medicine supply in National TB Programs

  • From: David Smallwood <DSmallwood@msh.org>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 16:04:18 -0400

Workshop: Strengthening medicine supply in National Tuberculosis
Programs: Practical Guidelines and Tools

Management Sciences for Health's Rational Pharmaceutical Manage-
ment Plus (RPM plus) program in collaboration with the Stop TB's
Global TB Drug Facility (GDF) has the pleasure to announce a day
long workshop at the 36th Union World Conference on Lung Disease
(The UNION) in Paris, France.

Wednesday 19 October 2005 from 8:30am - 17:00pm
Le Palais des Congres de Paris, Room 362/363

Strengthening medicine supply in National Tuberculosis Programs:
Practical Guidelines and Tools

Strong pharmaceutical management is one of the key pillars to
effective tuberculosis (TB) control; without appropriate selec-
tion, effective procurement, distribution, stock management and
rational use of TB medicines and related supplies, individuals
will not be cured of the disease and countries will not reach
global targets. Interventions to strengthen TB pharmaceutical
management are most effective if guided by informed decision-
making. This workshop seeks to introduce specific tools to ef-
fectively gauge the current situation in TB drug supply and to
share with participants how other TB programs use these tools
and practical solutions gained from the tools to strengthen
their supply systems. The tools used by the GDF in providing
quality TB medicines to national TB programs and in identifying
needs for technical assistance in pharmaceutical management will
be an integral part of the sessions.

Target audience:
Managers of NTPs, managers of essential medicines and procure-
ment departments, medicines policy makers, and TB do-
nors/partners, including consultants who conduct program assess-
ments on behalf of the GDF.

* To share tools and practical solutions used by other countries
in strengthening TB pharmaceutical management (activities, proc-
esses, indicators, self evaluations, implications for interven-
tions, interventions employed, monitoring techniques and out-
comes of interventions to date)

* To allow participants to practice use of tools for quantifying
and monitoring TB medicines procured through the GDF

* To share information on how to access technical assistance for
pharmaceutical management.

Expected outcome:
Participants will have a deeper understanding on how to analyze
the current situation and how to apply practical solutions for
strengthening product selection, procurement, distribution,
stock management and rational use by national TB programmes.
Participants will become familiar with the tools available to
quantify and monitor TB medicines procured through the GDF and
on how to access technical assistance for unresolved problems in
pharmaceutical management.

Margareth Dalcomo, MDR-TB Center/Brazil
Joel Keravec, MSH/Brazil TB Pharmaceutical Management
Lai Yuji China, NTP/CDC
Hugo Vrakking, WHO/Global TB Drug Facility
Helene Castel, WHO/Global TB Drug Facility
Robert Matiru, WHO/Global TB Drug Facility
Adam Thomas, WHO/Global TB Drug Facility
Thomas Moore, MSH TB Pharmaceutical Management
Andrey Zagorskiy, MSH TB Pharmaceutical Management
Edgar Barillas, MSH TB Pharmaceutical Management
Chinwe Owunna, MSH TB Pharmaceutical Management

Contact info:

David Smallwood