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[afro-nets] Open Learning Web site on Enteric pathogens

  • From: Salvatore Rubino <rubino@uniss.it>
  • Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 12:13:24 +0100

Open Learning Web site on Enteric pathogens

Dear Friends of the Open Learning Web site on Enteric pathogens

A New lecture is available at

Ehlers, M.M. (South Africa), Detection of enteroviruses in un-
treated and treated drinking water supplies in South Africa.

The lecture gives an overview of the presence of enteroviruses
in various environmental samples in South Africa. Treated and
untreated water samples were analyzed for enteroviruses using
cell culture and RT-PCR techniques. The entroviruses were fur-
ther genotyped using restriction enzyme analyses. Enteroviruses
associated with various diseases were identified in this study
indicating the potential health risk to consumers.

Ciao, Salvatore Rubino

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