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[afro-nets] Education for All! (6)

  • From: Dabesaki Mac-Ikemenjima <dabesaki@yahoo.com>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 01:20:01 -0800 (PST)

Education for All! (6)

Thank you for all your great responses, but some of the issues
raise more worries and concerns for me than clarify the doubts.
For example, I am wondering if everyone needs to pass through
the four walls of a "school". In my thinking, the school as it
is structured today is only to help students learn the things
they most need for vocational and career development. The real
education comes from the family and community than from the
school. If this is acceptable, then I think we need to focus on
strengthening the mechanisms for effective community education,
rebuild our families and encourage community and fellowship.

One model I strongly endorse is the use of community teaching or
learning centers with the use of community teachers, who are not
necessarily formal people trained as teachers, but are educated
enough to impact such knowledge on others, and then these people
are allowed to go through a national examination process for the
purpose of standardisation. The best models seem to evolve when
there is a crisis. During apartheid in South Africa, the African
National Congress members educated their own children from home
in boycott of the Bantu education system and this worked greatly
for them. Can people begin to boycott the present system of for-
mal learning that is not working and begin to educate their own
children and communities in the real sense of it?

I believe strongly that education is a right for all, but the
fundamental question is how do we execute this right that is for
all. Is it by sticking to a model that will not afford us the
education we need after all? I still ask, is EFA feasible by
2015? What are the best models that will make it work?

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