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[afro-nets] Kill Malarial Mosquitoes NOW! (4)

  • From: Peter Burgess <Profitinafrica@aol.com>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 10:54:36 EST

Kill Malarial Mosquitoes NOW! (4)

Dear Colleagues

Addressing the problems of development in coherent practical
ways has been missing for the best part of four decades. There
have been substantial funds disbursed, but at the end of the
day, the results are not very good. The reasons are many. There
are many initiatives that could be very helpful, but that is not
where the money has been used. Instead most of the money has
been consumed in activities that have little direct and durable
value... essentially a value destroying paradigm for develop-

Doing practical things that deliver tangible results to satisfy
critical needs should be a priority... and in this connection a
major program to make substantial progress in eradicating the
malarial mosquito is a good start.

I am helping a group put together a plan for mosquito and ma-
laria eradication for Monrovia, Liberia that involves all the
approaches that have been demonstrated to work. This is a multi-
discipline plan involving the entomology of the mosquito, the
medical science of the malaria parasite and the patient, the op-
erational management and control of the activities needed, the
financial implications to fund the activities, and the economic
aspects that can eventually make the effort sustainable even in

I should not use the word eradication... it will not be that
successful. But Monrovia is presently a place that is possibly
the most seriously affected by malaria of any place in the
world, and the plans will certainly have a major favourable im-
pact on the malaria situation when they are implemented.


Peter Burgess
The Transparency and Accountability Network