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[afro-nets] Volunteers for Uganda

  • From: Edwards Kizito <cyorf_uganda@yahoo.com>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 22:54:51 -0800 (PST)

Volunteers for Uganda

Hello everyone, Happy New Year!

"Cyorf Foundation For Community Development" (CYORF) is an in-
digenous Christian non-Profit organisation based in Jinja,
Uganda, working to reduce and/or eradicate human suffering by
responding to the educational, physical, spiritual and emotional
needs of children, widows and youth, in a Christian spirit to
further God's love for all. CYORF was established in 1998 and
was in July 2001 officially recognized by the Non-governmental
organizations board of Uganda government as a non-governmental

There are three children's schools and a hospital that we are
working with. All situated within Jinja district in Eastern
Uganda. We would like to get volunteers to come and work with
these schools. The volunteers will stay within the local commu-
nities. No prior teaching experience required. This will be an
exciting opportunity especially for people who have not been to
Africa; they will be working with the local communities as they
adventure (if they like).

Please e-mail or call for more details.

Edward Magumba
Program Director
Cyorf Foundation For Community Development
Plot 12,Kimaka, Jinja
P.O.BOX 1796,Jinja, Uganda
Tel: +256-43-123-360
Director's cell: +256-71-956-866