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[afro-nets] Husband Sues Wife Over HIV Infection

  • From: Believe Dhliwayo <mabhindu@yahoo.com>
  • Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2006 17:34:38 -0700 (PDT)

Husband Sues Wife Over HIV Infection
Metro Reporter, Zimbabwe

A MUTOKO woman appeared before a Mbare magistrate last Wednesday
to answer to a charge of deliberately transmitting the HIV virus
to her former husband.

Adorable Chikamhi (24) of Mutoko General Hospital was arraigned
before magistrate Ms Sukai Tongogara, on allegations of unlaw-
fully and intentionally infecting Innocent Mutiti with HIV.

The prosecutor, Mr Steady Kachere, told the court that Mutiti
and Chikamhi once lived together as husband and wife in 2003.

On a date unknown to the State, but during the period between
January and October of that year, Chikamhi allegedly infected
Mutiti with HIV having knowledge that she had the virus.

Prior to their union, the complainant had visited Edith Opperman
Clinic in Mbare in 1999 and 2001 and was tested for HIV and
found negative.

From then onwards, Mutiti did not have unprotected sex with any-
one until he married Chikamhi in 2003.

Chikamhi is alleged to have gone to the New Start Centre behind
the complainant's back and did not reveal her HIV test results
to Mutiti.

She gave birth in 2003 but did not breastfeed the baby because,
Mr Kachere alleges, she already knew she had the HIV virus.

When Mr Mutiti enquired why she was not breastfeeding, Chikamhi
allegedly told him to go and find out for himself at the New
Start Centre.

In 2004, Chikamhi allegedly told Mutiti during an argument that
she had infected him with HIV.

The complainant was tested for the virus again in November 2005
and was found positive.

He is now ill.

The case was postponed to this week when Chikamhi's application
for bail will be heard.

Believe Dhliwayo