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[afro-nets] "Drive to Stop Genocide" Headed for Major Rally in DC

  • From: Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink.net>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 14:35:30 -0500

"Drive to Stop Genocide" Headed for Major Rally in DC: Please
Join Us!

Dear Friends,

Read below about a wonderful and inspiring activity organized in
conjunction with the Rally to Stop Genocide Now, taking place on
April 30th in Washington DC. These activities are vital for a
variety of reasons, including the looming threat of HIV/AIDS in
South Sudan and Darfur, which needs the collective energies and
will of all Sudanese to address. Please consider participating
in this exciting and life-saving event!

Janet Feldman

"Drive to Stop Genocide Now"

Please join us for the "Drive to Stop Genocide Now" and the Save
Darfur Coalition's Rally to Stop Genocide Now. We will travel
from various locations around the United States with Sudanese
and other activists who want to join us in Washington, DC to
rally against the genocide in Darfur. One caravan starts from
Los Angeles on April 24th, picking up riders along the way. It
arrives in Washington DC on April 29th, and returns May 1st (see
the Stop Genocide Now URL below for all details).

Buses will depart for DC from Syracuse, Boston, Nashville, At-
lanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Sioux Falls and Dallas. There is no
cost to ride the bus. Routes may change depending on the re-
sponse in these cities and the need for rides in other cities.
Not only do we want to provide rides to DC, but we hope the
Drive will attract media attention for Darfur.

Syracuse Departs 4/29/06 at 8am. Return 5/1/06 by 5pm.
Boston Departs 4/29/06 at 7am. Return 5/1/06 by 7pm.
Nashville Departs 4/29/06 at 5am. Return 5/1/06 by 5pm.
Atlanta Departs 4/29/06 at 6am. Return 5/1/06 by 6pm.
Chicago Departs 4/29/06 at 4am. Return 5/1/06 by 6pm.
Kansas City Departs 4/28/06 at 9pm. Return 5/1/06 by 10pm (over-
night drive)
Sioux Falls Departs 4/28/06 at 6pm. Return 5/2/06 by 8am (over-
night drive)
Dallas Departs 4/28/06 at 6pm. Return 5/2/06 by 8am (overnight

We want the governments and people to see that regardless of
race or religion, the people of Sudan are standing together for
the people of Darfur. We hope the Drive to Stop Genocide Now and
the Rally to Stop Genocide Now will help shape the future poli-
cies on Darfur, Sudan, and on genocide.

Accommodations will be provided in Washington, beginning with a
dinner on Saturday, April 29th at 7pm. The theme of the dinner
is "Sudanese Standing Together", as equal citizens celebrating
Sudan's ethnic, cultural and religious diversity. We hope that
invited leaders from Darfur, Eastern Sudan, the North and the
South will join us, and together support the process of unifying
the country of Sudan.

On Sunday April 30th at 2pm, The Rally to Stop Genocide will
feature leading voices in the effort to stop the genocide in
Darfur, including a spectrum of prominent faith leaders, politi-
cal figures, human rights activists, celebrities, and survivors
of the Holocaust and genocides in Cambodia, Kosovo, Srebrenica,
Rwanda, South Sudan and Darfur. See www.savedarfur.org for more
details on the Rally.

Please visit http://www.sudansunrise.org to view or order an im-
portant video message from Darfurians to the Sudanese Diaspora.
For more information about "Drive to Stop Genocide Now" and the
Rally to Stop Genocide, visit
http://www.stopgenocidenow.org/iact/drivesgn.php or

Another contact for all Drive-related information and dinner in
DC registration is Esther Sprague <ggcc@ggcc.org>.