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[afro-nets] RFI: Medicolegal review of sexual violence

  • From: Janice Du Mont <Janice.DuMont@wchospital.ca>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 12:54:00 -0400

RFI: Medicolegal review of sexual violence

Dear colleagues,

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (Global Forum for Health
Research/World Health Organization [WHO]) is currently undertak-
ing a review on the USES and IMPACTS of medicolegal evidence in
sexual violence cases. The purpose of the review is to:
* Document existing knowledge GLOBALLY, drawing on both the
scholarly and 'grey' literatures (reports from donor agencies,
governments and NGOs, etc.);
* Identify gaps in the current evidence base as well as differ-
ences between countries; and
* Make recommendations for future research.

The material included in the review will cover all WHO regions,
with particular emphasis on evidence from low and middle income

Any information (resources) that you can provide on what is hap-
pening in your region with respect to the following, would be
much appreciated:
* Whether medicolegal evidence is being collected and used in
sexual assault cases; if so,
* How it is being collected and used; and if any evaluations
have been conducted,
* Whether it impacts (positively or negatively) on the progres-
sion of sexual assault cases through the criminal justice sys-

I am interested in what is being done and/or has been evaluated
as well as in identifying areas where a medicolegal response to
sexual violence is not well (or at all) established.

Any information can be sent directly to me at


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